10 Best Tool Gifts For A Handyman Who Loves DIY

Are you buying a gift for a real handyman who loves to build things or just tinker around?

Then getting him a something linked to his passion is a great idea! But watch out, just getting him some tools won’t work as he might already have them … somewhere.

Bottom line? Buying a tool gift for a handyman is not easy, yet if you get it right he will be thrilled!

To help you out we already found the 10 most original & cool tools for men in the list below.

Let’s get cracking!

Title Infographic for our top 10 gifts for handymen

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#10 DIY gifts for men: laser distance measurer

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With this tool gift he will be able to measure the distance between any 2 points easily and with great accuracy.

The VH-80 works by shooting two pulses of laser light in opposite directions and measuring the amount of time it takes for each pulse to bounce back to its accompanied sensors.

It will save him time while increasing accuracy. It makes a stellar gift for any handyman!

#9 DIY gifts for men: Led Light Spatula

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Every burger or steak will be grilled to perfection from now on, no matter the time of night, thanks to this led light spatula.

It shines an intense and clear beam of light directly on the spatula.

A super cool tool gift for a man who loves to BBQ, even when the sun has already set.

#8 DIY gifts for men: Smart Deadbolt

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The Deadbolt 2S is a door lock that can be unlocked by smartphone via Bluetooth keys..

On top the owner can create and send PIN codes to guests and visitors remotely.

It also comes with backup physical keys so he’ll never be locked out of his home, and it tracks the dates and times at which visitors enter the house.

#7 DIY gifts for men: Electronic Mug Marmer

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Once he’s into a certain DIY project, he will keep on going till it’s finished.

Let him at least enjoy a warm cup of coffee while his working with this electronic mug warmer.

Thanks to the extra-long power cord he will for sure be able to find the right place for it in his workshop.

#6 DIY gifts for men: Stanley Homeowner's Tool Kit

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The must-have tool gift for any starting handyman.

Thishigh-qualityy tool kit from Stanley includes all the most important tools a man needs.

Are you buying a gift for a man who just moved to his first apartment or house? Then perhaps this is the perfect housewarming gift!

#5 DIY gifts for men: Touch Screen Compatible Work Gloves

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No more having to remove his work gloves every time he gets a message or call.

These lightweight & comfortable gloves will protect his hands from cuts and punctures, whilst still allowing him to operate any touch screen.

A simple yet incredibly practical tool gift that any handyman will appreciate!

#4 DIY gifts for men: Cobriz Led Headlight

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A great tool for a DIY man to keep both his hands free when working on a project in the garage or at night, or to have ad hand when the power goes out.

It is waterproof, rechargeable, and has four different modes.

The head light comes with a nice little pouch for easy storage.

#3 DIY gifts for men: The Claw Multi-tool

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Every handyman will love this little gimmick hailing from the aerospace industry and will keep it on him at all times.

Although only the size of a penny, this titanium tool boast immense strength.

Whether he quickly needs to open a paint can, loosen screws, or pop a bottle, this little fellow can do it all.

The ‘Claw’ is a super cool tool gift that will be a hit with every handyman in your life!

#2 DIY gifts for men: Homemade Gin Kit

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After a hard day of building or fixing stuff around the house he deserves to sit back and relax.

With this starter kit he can make his very own quality gin to celebrate his great DIY accomplishments of the day.

Let’s just hope he is better at making gin than he is at fixing the garbage disposal…

#1 DIY gifts for men: Wristband for Holding Screws & Nails

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At the top of our list of best tool gifts for handymen, we have a true game changer for any man who has ever assembled anything.

You see, there is nothing more annoying than losing those screws or nails while trying to take apart or reassemble an object.

However, with this simple, cheap, yet very effective magnetic wristband he will never lose them again!

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