30+ Best Gifts For A Handyman In 2022 [written by a handyman]

Are you buying one or more gifts for a handyman who loves to build things or just tinker around?

Then getting him a something linked to his passion is a great idea! But watch out, just getting him some tools won’t work as he might already have them … somewhere.

Bottom line? Buying the right gifts for a handyman is not easy, but if you get it right he will be thrilled!

To help you out we already found the 30+ best gifts for handymen in 2022.

Let’s get cracking!

Title Infographic for our top 30 best gifts for handyman

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By: Kristof, Updated 10/12/2021

#34 gifts for handyman: can-do clamps


13877 2001 8.0

Ever tried to screw 2 pieces of wood together while holding them at the same time?

Well, it’s definitely not easy, we can tell you that!

But with these can-do clamps, the job becomes a breeze. With the 4-pack gift set, a handyman can even hold an entire frame in place, which is an absolute game-changer.

#33 gifts for handyman: car repair tracking system


14833 5737 8.0

Next on our list of best gifts for a handyman in 2022, we have a nifty gadget that helps with car maintenance & repair.

The FIXD is a little device that is linked to a car’s onboard computer and that tracks any of 7000 potential issues and flags it immediately on your phone.

On top, it will also advise how to best fix the issue, helping you to avoid expensive mechanic costs.

#32 gifts for handyman: Bondic not a glue


28922 12304 8.0

For the handyman that already has every tool you can think of, we present the perfect gift.

With BONDIC, you can almost fix anything. It works on virtually anything and the unique polymer bonding is extremely strong.

This new and much more effective solution works where glue fails. It won’t dry out and only hardens when you want it to!

#31 gifts for handyman: fingerprint padlock


31446 10374 8.0

A real handyman will have all his precious and expensive tools locked away in toolboxes and sheds.

But with the Airbolt, he doesn’t have to carry any keys around with him anymore.

He can lock & unlock one or more Airbolt locks directly from his phone. On top, you can see where the lock is any time thanks to a GPS tracker.

#30 gifts for handyman: toughbuilt handyman tool belt


6832 2304 8.0

It shouldn’t be a surprise seeing a tool belt on this list of best gifts for a handyman.

However, the Toughbuilt is like the Rolls Royce of tool belts.

It features 3 padded pouches and a heavy belt, which together offer 36 separate pouches for a wide variety of tools.

#29 gifts for handyman: digital water leak detector


5690 1495 8.1

Gone are the days of dad drilling holes along the wall trying to find a water leak.

This nifty gadget can automatically detect the moisture levels within materials.

One of those novelty gifts a handyman will be absolutely thrilled with.

#28 gifts for handyman: Google Learning Thermostat


4951 771 8.1

For the tech-loving handyman dad, we present the ultimate thermostat.

The Google Nest learns how your home warms up and keeps an eye on the weather to get you the temperature you want when you want it.

One of our favorite tech gifts for handyman in 2022.

#27 gifts for handyman: working hands cream


25346 6958 8.1

All that hard DIY work does take its toll on a handyman’s hands.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream is a concentrated hand cream that heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry, cracked hands.

Maybe not one of our most expensive gifts for a handyman, but nonetheless a very useful one.

#26 gifts for handyman: handyman back brace


4442 988 8.2

If you’re looking for gifts for a handyman that makes his job easier, go for a solid back brace.

The brace is very well made, sturdy with Velcro closing with extra adjustable Velcro flaps that cover the underlying brace.

It looks great and fits well under clothing, hardly detectable if you need it to be.

#25 gifts for handyman: bendable magnetic pickup tool


3050 1121 8.2

If you ever heard a handyman cursing throughout the house, 9 out 10 he dropped something and can’t reach it anymore.

But with this handy gift, he can recover any metallic item from even the tightest place.

Because it’s bendable, this magnetic tool can even reach in between car engines.

#24 gifts for handyman: handyman comfort knee pads


9224 3588 8.2

Spend 10 minutes on your knees and you’ll understand why a comfy pair of knee pads is probably one the best gifts you can give a handyman.

Thanks to their ergonomic design, the knee pads will snugly keep in place all day long, while properly protecting a handyman’s knees.

The quick-release slip buckle clips make putting on and taking off these knee pads a breeze.

#23 gifts for handyman: powerful winch


678 203 8.3

If you’re looking for more expensive gifts for a handyman, a powerful winch is a tool that can help him with everything from towing cars to pulling out tree trunks.

The Smittybilt winch has a staggering load capacity of no less than 9500 pounds.

It even is waterproof, has an amphibious motor and 3 Stage Planetary Gear System.

#22 gifts for handyman: online DIY electrician course


3945 1044 8.3

The one thing that most DIY handymen will hesitate to touch is any electrical wiring.

Rightfully so, as electricity isn’t just dangerous to mess with, it can also create a fire hazard for the house.

Enter, the opportunity for a great gift for a handyman: with this beginner’s course in household electricity he’ll be able to get an electrician’s skills from the comfort of his own home.

#21 gifts for handyman: digital angle gauge


6693 2455 8.4

Next on our list of best gifts for a handyman in 2022, we have the digital angle gauge.

This handy gadget is an indispensable tool when building angled objects such as a staircase, roof, or driveway.

It can firmly attach itself to metal surfaces, and even to curved metallic pipes.

#20 gifts for handyman: portable rocking chair


7139 2451 8.4

When a handyman is working on location, he loves to take a break and just look at how his work is progressing.

With this portable rocking chair, he can do so in the utmost comfort.

The rocking chair quickly and easily folds flat for storage and transportation, and even comes with a handy cup holder.

#19 gifts for handyman: handyman support helper


5946 1961 8.5

The difficult thing about being a handyman is that most of the time you have to do it by yourself.

That is why this next gadget is one of the most appreciated gifts for a handyman on this list.

This trustworthy support has a neoprene grip and an easy-pump handle.

#18 gifts for handyman: Leatherman multitool bracelet


29843 9534 8.5

At No. 18 on our list of best gifts for a handyman, we find must-have gadget by a beloved DIY brand.

Leatherman is considered the golden standard when it comes to multitools. And this smartly designed multitool bracelet does live up to its name.

It features a variety of box wrenches, hex drives, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, oxygen tank wrench, carbide glass breaker, sim card pick, cutting hook, socket drive adapter, and a bottle opener.

#17 gifts for handyman: handyman tools pen set


9997 3495 8.5

A handyman builds and fixes stuff not just because he has too, but because he loves tinkering around.

That is why this fitting pen set is one of our most sold gifts for a handyman.

Each set contains 4 realistically designed tool-shaped pens.

#16 gifts for handyman: infrared temperature gun


2742 1441 8.6

When it comes to gifts for a handyman dad, the infrared temperature gun is always a big hit.

This device can measure surface temperature ranging from -58℉ to 716℉/ -50℃ to 380℃.

A handyman dad can use it when cooking & barbequing, performing auto maintenance, doing home repairs, and a host of other tasks.

#15 gifts for handyman: marking & measuring tool


1667 493 8.6

A real DIY handyman will always want his work to be exact and leveled.

But with only 2 hands, it is often not easy to mark & measure at the same time.

But with this novelty gift for a handyman, he will be exactly that!

#14 gifts for handyman: flashlight gloves


16774 4953 8.6

The image popping in your head when you hear handyman is probably a man under the sink with a flashlight in between his teeth.

Well, they don’t hold their torches in their mouth for the taste, we can tell you that.

Thanks to this handy pair of gloves he’ll be able to light the exact areas where his hands are working.

#13 gifts for handyman: universal socket grip


52045 10495 8.6

Next on our list of best gifts for a handyman, we have this time-saving gadget.

This universal socket instantly adjusts to grip hex nuts, hooks, eye and lag screws, bolt heads, and other various shapes and size objects.

So no more digging around the toolbox trying to find the right wrench!

#11 gifts for handyman: bucket tool organizer


19848 6888 8.6

One of our bestselling gifts for a handyman is this smart tool organizer.

It fits any standard size bucket and can hold a large variety of tools.

With this gift, a handyman doesn’t have to bend over 20 times to pick up all his tools, which is great for his back.

#11 gifts for handyman: endoscope smartphone camera


12334 4952 8.6

A handyman often has to work in narrow spaces or even inside the piping.

With this gadget gift, he will be able to see exactly what’s going on even in the tightest of spaces.

The endoscope can be connected to any smartphone, so no extra specialized equipment is needed.

#10 gifts for handyman: laser distance measurer


7230 971 8.7

With this tool gift he will be able to measure the distance between any 2 points easily and with great accuracy.

The Bosh works by shooting a pulse of laser light in and measuring the amount of time it takes for each pulse to bounce back to its accompanied sensor.

It will save him time while increasing accuracy. It makes a stellar gift for any handyman! Note, when it comes to lasers, stick to the A-brand like Bosch. The cheaper ones tend to not be as accurate.

#9 gifts for handyman: Led Light Spatula


13877 2001 8.7

Every burger or steak will be grilled to perfection from now on, no matter the time of night, thanks to this led light spatula.

It shines an intense and clear beam of light directly on the spatula.

A super cool tool gift for a man who loves to BBQ, even when the sun has already set.

#8 gifts for handyman: Smart touch screen lock


9921 1004 8.7

The SMONET is a door lock that can be unlocked by smartphone or via touch screen keys.

On top the owner can create and send PIN codes to guests and visitors remotely.

It also comes with backup physical keys so he’ll never be locked out of his home, and it tracks the dates and times at which visitors enter the house.

#7 gifts for handyman: Electronic Mug Marmer


12391 4312 8.7

Once he’s into a certain DIY project, he will keep on going till it’s finished.

Let him at least enjoy a warm cup of coffee while his working with this electronic mug warmer.

Thanks to the extra-long power cord he will for sure be able to find the right place for it in his workshop.

#6 gifts for handyman: Stanley Homeowner's Tool Kit


18421 6554 8.7

The must-have tool gift for any starting handyman.

Thishigh-qualityy tool kit from Stanley includes all the most important tools a man needs.

Are you buying a gift for a man who just moved to his first apartment or house? Then perhaps this is the perfect housewarming gift!

#5 gifts for handyman: Touch Screen Compatible Work Gloves


16552 3918 8.7

No more having to remove his work gloves every time he gets a message or call.

These lightweight & comfortable gloves will protect his hands from cuts and punctures, whilst still allowing him to operate any touch screen.

A simple yet incredibly practical tool gift that any handyman will appreciate!

#4 gifts for handyman: Cobriz Led Headlight


17596 4821 8.8

A great tool for a DIY man to keep both his hands free when working on a project in the garage or at night, or to have ad hand when the power goes out.

It is waterproof, rechargeable, and has four different modes.

The head light comes with a nice little pouch for easy storage.

#3 gifts for handyman: The Claw Multi-tool


5554 1193 8.8

Every handyman will love this little gimmick hailing from the aerospace industry and will keep it on him at all times.

Although only the size of a penny, this titanium tool boast immense strength.

Whether he quickly needs to open a paint can, loosen screws, or pop a bottle, this little fellow can do it all.

The ‘Claw’ is a super cool tool gift that will be a hit with every handyman in your life!

#2 gifts for handyman: Homemade Gin Kit


20031 6301 8.9

After a hard day of building or fixing stuff around the house he deserves to sit back and relax.

With this starter kit he can make his very own quality gin to celebrate his great DIY accomplishments of the day.

Let’s just hope he is better at making gin than he is at fixing the garbage disposal…

#1 gifts for handyman: Wristband for Holding Screws & Nails


24931 8842 9.5

At the top of our list of best tool gifts for handymen, we have a true game changer for any man who has ever assembled anything.

You see, there is nothing more annoying than losing those screws or nails while trying to take apart or reassemble an object.

However, with this simple, cheap, yet very effective magnetic wristband he will never lose them again!

How do I choose the right gifts for a handyman?


Although a true handyman will appreciate most DIY related gifts, here are some tips to zero down on the best ones for your specific case:

  • Try to find out if there is a specific tool or gadget on his wish list. If he hasn’t mentioned anything to you, check with his family members or friends.
  • If you have a certain gift in mind, try to double-check your handyman doesn’t already have it. Do this by checking his toolbox or shed yourself, or again by asking his close friends.
  • Ask yourself whether you have seen him struggling with (or cursing during) certain tasks lately. If so, try to find a handyman gadget gift that will help him. Great examples are this Can-Do Clamps, this Handyman Support Helper, or these Flashlight Gloves.

What are good gifts for a handyman dad?


The best gifts for handyman dads are new tools or gadgets that he can use to tinker around the house. Alternatively, you can give him educational materials or courses.

Here are our favorite gifts for handyman dads:

  • Online DIY Electrician Course: electricity is one of the most difficult areas for DIY construction. That is why a handyman dad can always use beginners’ course to help him grasp the basics.
  • Google Learning Thermostat: dads and thermostats have a special relationship. He’ll love this smart thermostat by Google that will learn your dad’s preference and automatically adjust the temperature accordingly.
  • Handyman Back Brace: if you want your dad to ever pick up his grandkids, he will have to take care of that back of his. That is why this back brace is the perfect gift for a handyman dad and that shows him you care.

Looking for More Gifts For A Handyman?

Hope you find this list of best gifts for a handyman useful and you are now set to surprise him with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Would you just like to see more gift ideas for him? Check out our best gifts for welders and farmers.



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