Top 21 Eco Friendly Gifts for Her

Is she trying to do her part for the environment and global fair trade?

Then why don’t you give her a gift that is more sustainable and ethically sourced?

She will love the fact that you know & respect her beliefs and tailored your gift to them.

Bottom line? There are useful, stylish, and unique sustainable gifts out there that she will love!

And for this top 21 list we did our research and identified the hottest eco friendly gifts for her of 2020.

Curious? Let’s have a look!

Title Infographic for our top 21 eco friendly gifts for her

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#21 eco friendly gifts for her: Recycled Skateboard Bowl

2212 886 8.1

This recycled bowl is nothing short of a piece of art, and the perfect eco friendly gift for her if she’s environmentally conscious.

It is made by first gluing old skateboards together, forming a massive block. Each line you see is, in fact, a separate skateboard.

The artisan will then carefully mill the whole until the perfect bowl shape is attained.

#20 eco friendly gifts for her: living wall planter

2084 631 8.2

This living work of art is a fantastic eco friendly gift for any woman who likes home decor.

Designed to thrive indoors and out, the bright array of greenery is held in place by water-preserving moss and light mesh within a square or rectangular frame.

This living wall planter can serve as a lush centerpiece while adding a natural touch to her home.

#19 eco friendly gifts for her: watch by Olivia Burton

2155 703 8.2

Who ever said a great sense of fashion and environmental consciousness can’t go together?

This contemporary design by Olivia Burton features an eco-friendly strap made of 100% recycled materials and has a beautiful suede-like finish.

One of our more exclusive eco friendly gifts for her!

#18 eco friendly gifts for her: stylish bee house

7964 1903 8.2

Without bees many flowers would cease to exist. Yet due do humans invading their natural habitat, the bee population is shrinking at an alarming rate.

With this stylish yet eco friendly gift she can help to make a change.

This small bee house will provide a small sanctuary in her very own back yard!

#17 eco friendly gifts for her: reclaimed wood book stand

3982 556 8.3

This cookbook stand will give her kitchen a dash of rusticity.

IT is beautifully crafted from a sturdy slab of reclaimed timber that has been salvaged from old European buildings.

The bold design of this eco friendly gift is finished off by adding an industrial galvanized metal detail.

#16 eco friendly gifts for her: Fairphone 2 Modular Smartphone

2111 445 8.4

The Fairphone 2 is the world’s first ethical smartphone.

Not only is it made using raw materials that are 100% conflict-free & fair trade, but it also has a modular build.

This means that broken parts can be easily replaced, instead of having to buy a new phone. All of this without compromising on performance!

#15 eco friendly gifts for her: recycled glass tree globes

1222 389 8.4

These elegant 100% recycled glass globes are handmade in Canada and feature an interior glass trunk that branches out to support vibrant splashes of color.

Each globe symbolizes family, friendship, and the bonds that bring you together.

Perfect if you’re looking for eco friendly gifts with a deeper meaning.

#14 eco friendly gifts for her: Kitchen Composter

2123 873 8.5

Thanks to this sculptural compost container she will be able to keep her plants happy & healthy using her very own table scraps.

This eco friendly gift has been specially designed by scientist to create an optimal composting environment while being completely odorless.

You can get rid of fruit and vegetable peelings, grain foods, and tea bags, while not having to buy synthetic plant nutrients.

#13 eco friendly gifts for her: Green Toys Recycled Airplane

6605 1041 8.6

This California based eco friendly brand remakes old milk jugs into fun toys.

This beautiful airplane is indeed made from 100% recycled material, and it is currently flying over the counters!

An innovative eco friendly gift for the mom with a heart for the environment.

#12 eco friendly gifts for her: Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

4977 587 8.6

Did you know that bamboo is in a fact a grass? When cut, it just grows back, making it a renewable resource!

It’s also a very stylish material with which beautiful items can be made. Like this bamboo cutting board.

Make this eco friendly gift even more special for her by adding an engraving or personal message.

#11 eco friendly gifts for her: Solar Charger Panel

10942 1244 8.6

Charge your phone & other electronic devices using the power of the sun!

This ultra-light & foldable panel is equipped with 3 USB ports that deliver the optimal charging current depending on the brightness of the sun.

A very practical & eco friendly gift is she’s into hiking or backpacking.

#10 eco friendly gifts for her: KeepCup Re-usable Coffee Cup

4666 1003 8.7

Ever stop to think how many coffee cups end up in the trash every day?

No more with this reusable cup by KeepCup. It is made from toughened soda lime glass and non-toxic, BPA and BPS-free plastic.

It is finished with a stylish, yet again renewable, cork sleeve. She is bound to use this eco friendly gift every day!

#9 eco friendly gifts for her: Typewriter Key Initial Necklace

18334 8842 8.7

Want to give her something unique, handcrafted, personalized, and eco friendly?

For those we are looking for something truly special we present this typewriter key pendant necklace.

You just choose her initial and the artisan will craft the necklace from real vintage 1900-1940’s typewriter keys.

#8 eco friendly gifts for her: wine barrel side table

16811 4883 8.8

Whether or not the wine born from this wine barrel had an earthy flavor, this side table has an earthly quality.

This remarkable side table is made from recycled white oak wine barrels and will add a rustic touch to any home.

She’ll love this original eco friendly gift with a flavored history!

#7 eco friendly gifts for her: Indoor Herb Garden

5047 993 8.9

Growing your own herbs is not just convenient, it also ensures your food is organic, chemical-free & eco friendly.

These vintage-inspired mason jar planters use a passive hydroponic system that makes it easy to grow your own herbs.

Plant the included seeds of your choice, put water in the reservoir, place the jar in a sunny window, and get growing.

#6 eco friendly gifts for her: driftwood bird chime

15550 4776 9.1

This nature-inspired chime is handmade from driftwood salved from the Californian coast.

This means that these chimes are not just beautiful eco friendly gifts, each one will also be a unique.

A lovely gift to give a woman for any occasion!

#5 eco friendly gifts for her: bike chain bowl

10433 2004 9.2

One of our absolutely favorite upcycled eco friendly gifts for her is this unique bowl.

Handmade from an old bike chain, this bowl makes a distinctive spot for keys and small, personal items.

This bowl is a bestselling housewarming gift among the environmentally conscious!

#4 Eco friendly gifts for her: recycled metal ostrich planter

1842 943 9.3

At #4 of our list of hottest eco friendly gifts for her we find this nonconformist yet intriguing ostrich planter.

Each ostrich is handcrafted using washers, nuts, and other salvaged metal pieces.

The fact that the plants that grow in this recycled metal ostrich become its living plumage is just ridiculously awesome.

#3 eco friendly gifts for her: Washable Makeup Remover Set

1341 569 9.4

Every girl loves to pamper herself, so why don’t you give her a set of exclusive yet eco friendly beauty items?

This eco friendly gift set includes reusable makeup remover Pads, a microfiber face cleansing gloves, and a handy laundry bag to wash them all.

A great gift that will help her reduce waste!

#2 Eco friendly gifts for her: Veja Sneakers

21391 3492 9.5

Sneakers are super hot right now, and Veja is one of the hip, yet also more sustainable, brands of the moment.

Veja creates ecological sneakers, made with raw materials from organic and ecological agriculture, without chemicals or polluting processes.

This Paris based brand will take over the globe in 2019!

#1 Eco friendly gifts for her: Cork Orb Lamp

14582 2112 9.6

At the very top of our list of unique eco friendly gifts for her in 2020, we find this stylish portable speaker.

No more need to waste batteries thanks to this speaker’s built-in solar panels.

A great gift with which she will be able to enjoy music wherever she goes.

How do I choose the right eco friendly gifts for her?

The best eco friendly gifts for women are items that are useful, stylish or funny, but for which the production or creation process requires a smaller ecological footprint.

Get eco friendly gifts right, and you will score bonus points. This is because besides finding an item that she likes or finds useful, you show her you involved in her life and aware of her environmental beliefs. She will perhaps appreciate this fact even more than the gift itself.

Eco Friendly Gifts vs Organic gifts vs Ethically Sourced Gifts?

The words eco friendly, organic and ethically sourced often get mixed up. Although all three of them have ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘improving the world we live in’ in common, each has its own focus.

This is important as you want to give her the gift that relates to the area where she has strong beliefs, and you don’t want to mix them up.

  • Eco friendly gifts are those gifts that have a smaller negative impact on the environment. This because the item is made from renewable or recycled materials, and sometimes even the different steps in the production process & transport are optimized.
  • Organic gifts are gifts that are produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. Examples are organic beauty products.
  • Ethically sourced gifts are gifts that did not require unethical practices to get made. Examples are the use of child labor during a production process or wood that was sourced via illegal logging.

So in case you know she cares a lot about ethical sourcing, don’t just give her a bamboo cutting board because bamboo is renewable, also make sure such eco friendly gifts aren’t made in Sout-east Asia by children.

What are the best recycled gifts for women?

Recycled gifts are items that are made from recycled materials (f.e. wood, metal, plastic) or reuse elements that outlived their original purpose and are a given a new life (f.e. a coffee table made out of an old car engine).

Original ideas for recycled gifts for women are:

Looking for More Eco Friendly Gift Ideas?

We hope you find this list of unique eco friendly gifts for her useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect yet more sustainable gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you would like to subscribe to our gift reminder mailing list you can click the button or if you just like to see more gift ideas for her just click that button.


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