35+ Gifts For The Woman Who Has Everything

What gifts do you give the woman who has everything?

Sometimes, it seems like she already has it all, and finding a gift for her can be daunting. But no need to panic, you just need to be a bit more creative.

Bottom line? You will want to look for those truly unique and original gifts that she doesn’t have yet!

And in this top 35+ list, we already gathered the hottest gifts you can give to a woman who has everything.

So forget about the fact that women are usually better at selecting gifts than men. Let’s show her just how creative you can be!

Gifts For The Woman Who Has Everything

In this article you will find:

36. Instant Photo Backup

Thephotostick Omni

We start this list of great gifts for the woman who has everything with a must-have gadget.

How many priceless memories are in our smartphones today in the form of precious videos or photos? But what if that phone gets lost or damaged?

Just plug this little USB stick into any device and it will automatically find and copy all photos and videos! A quick and easy backup.

35. Moksha Beam Anxiety Necklace

Beam Anxiety Necklace

A Revolution in Stress Relief. In an era where self-care is paramount, the Moksha Beam emerges as a beacon of relaxation for the modern woman. For the woman who seemingly has everything, this accessory offers something intangible yet invaluable: peace of mind. Its innovative design, rooted in the science of breathing, provides an immediate escape from the clutches of stress and anxiety.

34. High Heel Anti-Pain Inserts

Soul Insole

Perhaps the best gift for women who have everything is a solution for a self-inflicted discomfort they all have to bare, high heels!

These high-heel shoe inserts are a miracle cure for avoiding painful feet.

Unlike other inserts, they work by rotating your heel bone up and back which shifts the weight off the ball of your foot and evenly distributes it throughout the foot, all of this while keeping you from slipping forward in your shoe.

33. Donut Device Holder

Godonut Phone Stand

Another great gift idea for the woman who has everything is the GoDonut.

The GoDonut is the most universal and portable device stand ever.

It will work with her entire collection of mobile devices, including her smartphone, tablet, e-reader, and more!

32. What’s Wrong With My Car?


For women who are tired of getting ripped off by car repairmen, we present an innovative and easy-to-use gift.

The FIXD device can be easily plugged into your dashboard and will immediately tell you what’s wrong with your car and why a certain warning light is on.

More importantly, it will you tell what is needed to fix it, and how much the repair should cost.

31. Jo Malone Scented Candle

Jo Malone Scented Candle

A scented candle is one of those classic gifts that is given to women who seem to have everything.

But you can make it extra special by going for a Jo Malone candle.

This immensely popular luxury brand proudly presents a luxury candle that will infuse the compelling scent of Peony & Blush Suede throughout any home.

30. Wine Without Headache

The Wand

Most women that have everything enjoy a nice glass of wine, but all hate the headache that follows the next day.

Did you know that wine-related side effects such as headaches, stuffy nose, skin flush, and more are caused by sulfites and histamines?

This little gadget’s patented purification technology actively absorbs up to 95% of all sulfites and histamines from your wine (without changing the taste). In fact, It’s the ONLY product in the market that can remove both of these compounds!

29. Table Runner Trivet

Decorative Table Runner

Next on our list of unique gifts for the woman who has everything we have a smart and stylish redesign of a countertop protector.

Thanks to its smart two-in-one design, this table runner will look fabulous on any table while protecting the table’s surface from hot pots & pans.

Available in a wide range of stylish colors.

28. Smartphone Camera Grip

Remote Cell Phone Camera Grip Tripod 1

These days we tend to use our phones for photographs.

However, after a while, your fingers start to cramp up as phones are not ergonomically designed for picture taking.

No more issues, thanks to this handy camera grip gadget. On top of that, it comes with a remote Bluetooth shutter remote, perfect for taking group pics.

27. Living Wall Planter

Living Wall Planter

She might already have frames mounted on the walls and plants placed around the house, but she probably hasn’t got a living wall planter.

This living work of art can thrive as a lush centerpiece or hanging display of sculptural succulents.

A truly unique gift idea that will add a touch of green to any interior!

26. Belly Orb Skinny Patch

Belly Orb Skinny Patch

Every woman, no matter how accomplished or well-equipped, seeks the gift of good health and well-being. The Belly Orb™ not only promises improved gut health and energy but does so in a manner that’s both efficient and innovative. It bypasses the common route of oral supplements, ensuring maximum absorption and potency.

This thoughtful gift acknowledges the importance of her health, offering a unique solution that she might not have discovered on her own. It’s a gesture that says, ‘Your well-being is paramount,’ making it a truly considerate present for the woman who believes she has everything

25. Bed Scrunchie

Scrunchie 1

Everyone hates wrinkled or lose bedsheets.

But no more struggling and trying to get them to remain under the mattress.

Thanks to the Scrunchie, bedsheets will remain perfectly in place.

24. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp Surgery

You might think she already has everything, but she probably doesn’t have a Himalayan lamp.

This unique and stylish lamp is made of real Himalayan salt.

Besides looking amazing, it claims to balance positive and negative ions which reduces radiation and airborne infection. On top, it also promotes sleep and neutralizes odors.

23. Smart Makeup Mirror

Smart Makeup Mirror

Next on our list of gifts for women who have everything, we have the ultimate makeup game changer.

This larger mirror provides good clarity in wide-angle viewing and helps you achieve a flawless professional makeup result.

Also, the built-in LED light will help her nail insta-ready selfies.

22. Pineapple Ice Bucket

Pineapple Ice Bucket 1

This unique pineapple ice bucket is one of our favorite luxury gifts for the woman who has everything.

The exterior of the shaker has a gleamy golden shine and is double-walled to create a quality product that will not fail to impress in style or use.

A truly original gift that will make for a great conversation starter during parties.

21. Window Cleaning Robot

Window Cleaning Robot

A great way to find perfect presents for women who have everything is to think about ways to make their life easier.

Nobody likes to clean their windows. It’s a long and messy chore.

But no more cleaning, thanks to this window cleaning robot. Just put it on the window and it will clean the surface all by itself.

20. Magical Sequin Reveal Cushion

Sequin Pillow Case

Watch their faces light up when they brush the sequins to reveal the photo or text of your choice.

This beautiful and original cover is available in champagne, rose gold, silver, or black and permanently printed with your design.

Whenever she is snuggled up on the couch she can have a peak with a simple stroke of her hand.

19. Dodow


Next on our list of best gifts for women who have everything we have a device that will help them fall asleep faster.

No tossing, no turning, no meds: sleeplessness will be gone thanks to the

It has new sleep technology that basically mesmerizes you to sleep by calming your body and quieting your mind.

18. Zen Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Zen Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

True luxury isn’t always about possessions; it’s often about experiences and moments of calm. Zen Routine, with its scientifically-backed, all-natural formula, promises not just sleep, but a quality of rest that rejuvenates the mind and body.

For the woman who has tackled countless challenges and adorned her life with achievements, what could be more precious than the gift of serene, undisturbed sleep? It’s a gesture that says, ‘Your well-being is cherished,’ making Zen Routine a truly thoughtful present, ensuring she wakes up refreshed, ready to embrace another day in her remarkable journey.

17. Levitating Moon Lamp

Levitating Moon

The levitating moon lamp is one of the must-have gadgets of the past year.

This version has a disc disguised as a book, which makes it seem like the moon is hovering all by itself.

A great tech gadget gift for the woman who has everything.

16. Personalized Cutting Board

Laser Engraved Cutting Board

Even if she just has several cutting boards, she will love to receive a personalized version on top.

You can choose the message and image yourself.

The design will be carefully engraved on a high-quality cutting board using laser technology.

15. Flowers For Every Occasion

Bouquet Of Flowers

Halfway through our list of unique gifts for the woman who has everything. we find one of the simplest gifts to give, but also one that is appreciated on any occasion.

Any woman will love to receive a nice bouquet.

Just make sure you get her the flowers that she loves, and that you also add a more lasting gift for important occasions such as birthdays.

14. Professional Massage

Professional Massage

A professional massage is another one of those classic gifts that are always appreciated by women.

The Spafinder website allows you to easily find a spa near the recipient’s location.

Alternatively, you can gift her a Spafinder gift card and she can choose a salon herself.

13. Decorative Feather Tray

Golden Feather Decorative Plate

Finely detailed with the ridges and tips of a feather, this gleaming goldtone tray brings the breathtaking luster of a phoenix or firebird to any tabletop.

It is carefully crafted by artisans from high-quality aluminum.

A great interior decoration gift, especially loved by elderly women who have everything.

12. Multi-Compartment Pan


People who like frying different things at the same time but hate having the stove filled with different pans are in for a treat!

The SmartPan revolutionizes and drastically simplifies the preparation of complex meals. With 5 different compartments you can fry several items simultaneously, and this while you just have to clean 1 pan.

Probably one of our favorite gifts for women who have everything and love to cook.

11. Lavish Gift Basket

Home Spa Gift Basket

We can’t have a list of gift ideas for the woman who has everything without adding a gift basket.

No matter how many beauty and relaxation products a woman already has, she can always use some more.

And she will absolutely love receiving this lavish gift basket filled with all sorts of premium products.

10. Magnet Balance Lamp

Magnetic Balance Lamp

She might already have a decorative desk lamp, but not one like this.

This beautifully carved wooden lamp is turned on and off by connecting the two magnets at the center.

Thanks to the magnetic field they will appear to float in mid-air.

9. Chill Pill

The Chill Pill Device

At number 9 on our list of best gifts for the woman who has everything, we find a handy gadget that will take away a lot of stress.

No more spending 20 minutes trying to find back her keys, wallet, or other valuables.

With this GPS tracker, she can activate a sound or check where items are directly from her phone.

8. YAMAZAKI Couch Hugger Table

Tower Table

The YAMAZAKI Compact Tower Side Table is a stylish and modern furniture gift for the woman who has everything.

It will work as a lamp table, snack table, phone table, or even a decorative display table.

It might seem a simple gift, but she will not be able to part from it ever again thanks to its sheer usefulness.

7. Clarins Ultimate Beauty Gift Set

Clarins Gift Set

Every woman loves to pamper herself, and she can never have enough beauty products to do so.

This ultimate beauty gift set from Clarins contains a wide variety of high-quality hand cremes, lotions, and other makeup products, as well as a cute bracelet and key chain.

Clarins offers a super premium range of skin care, face creams, body lotions, and makeup products.

6. Portable Blender

Portable Blender Women

Everyone loves fresh smoothies, but no one likes the mess of making them.

Thanks to this portable blender she can easily make the perfect smoothie wherever she goes.

Add in the fruit before you leave the house, and press blend whenever you crave a delicious fresh smoothie.

5. Chocolate Gift Set

Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket

We enter the top 5 of our list of best gifts for the woman who has everything with a classic.

If you truly think she has everything else, you can never go wrong by giving her some delicious chocolates.

This prestigious gift set by Godiva is bound to last her for weeks to come!

4. FlexSafe

Flexsafe Anti Theft

Don’t you just hate that while you’re having fun out at the beach or pool you always have to worry about your valuables?

No more worries, thanks to Flexsafe.

This little portable safe bag comes with a safety lock and can securely hold your valuables until you come back.

3. Unique Experience

Experience Together

A girl might already HAVE it all, but she will for sure not DONE it all.

Surprise her with a truly unique experience that she will remember forever.

Tip: look for an experience for two. This way you can enjoy this memorable gift together.

2. Nebula Projector

Nebula Portable Porjector Speaker

The Nebula is a Bluetooth projector & speaker that allows you to project videos, presentations, and many more wherever you are.

It can be connected to a laptop, phone, or any other device that works via Bluetooth.

A great tech gift for a woman who has everything!

1. Bang & Olufsen Charging Pad

Bang Olufsen Charging Pad

At the top of our list of best gifts for the woman who has everything, we find a luxurious gadget by Bang & Olufsen.

With this gorgeous pad, she will be able to wirelessly charge her smartphone or other devices in style.

It is Bang & Olufsen, so besides buying a stylish decorative item, you will also be getting top-notch quality.

+ BONUS: Pivo – Camera Mount

Pivo - Camera Mount

The Ultimate Creative Companion for the Modern Woman. For the woman who seems to have everything, it’s often the unique experiences and the ability to express herself that matter most.

Pivo offers just that – a chance to capture moments, memories, and messages in a dynamic and professional manner.

+ BONUS – Ultimate Personal Alarm


The second is this ultra-compact and extremely effective personal alarm.

Unfortunately, statistics show that 1-in-3 women will become a victim of physical or sexual violence.

However, thanks to this personal alarm she simply needs to pull the cap to activate a bright strobe light and ultra-loud siren to safely attract attention and stop any would-be attacker.

What are the best luxury gifts for the woman who has everything?

The best luxury gifts for the woman who has everything are unique gadgets, luxury beauty products, or interior decoration items:

  • Unique gadgets: She might already have a lot of luxury items, but new gadgets are being invented every day and hence could make for great and original gifts. This Window Cleaning Robot will make her life much easier, while this exclusive Bang & Olufsen Charging Pad will keep her phone charged in a stylish way. Also, this Apple Watch by Hermès is a must-have luxury gadget for the wealthy people among us. 
  • Luxury beauty products: A girl can never have enough beauty products, especially if they are exclusive & expensive. The most popular luxury beauty gift for women is probably a Premium Serum. However, if your budget isn’t restained you might also want to consider this Exclusive Facial Mask Set
  • Interior Decoration: Xxclusive home deco items also make for great luxury gifts for the woman who has everything. Our personal favorite is this Croc Leather Coaster Set, but also check out this Feather Decorative Tray.

What are inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything?

Just because she already has many things doesn’t automatically mean you have to spend big and go for luxury items.

There are many great yet inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything:

  • Flowers: every girl loves to receive fresh flowers for any occasion. You don’t even have to go for the most expensive bouquet, just already get her favorite flower right and she will love the gift. 
  • Sequin Reveal Cushion: that’s right, you can make a woman very happy with an inexpensive cushion. Just customize this sequin reveal cushion with a meaningful photo and she will cherish this gift forever. 
  • Smartphone Camera Grip: this nifty yet inexpensive gadget will enable her to take photos with her phone in an easy and convenient way. It even comes with a little tripod and remote for selfies or group pics.

The perfect gift for the mom who has everything?

It’s never easy buying gifts for your mom. What do you give the person that seems to know and have it all?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a mom who has everything, have a look at these unique gift ideas:

  • Jo Malone Candle: Wait, you’re telling me the best gift for a mom who has everything is a simple scented candle? Yes and no! A Jo Malone isn’t just any scented candle, it is an immensely popular luxury gift that offers a luxurious fragrance experience. 
  • Table Runner Trivet: This ingenious table runner has been designed to function as a trivet. This means she can put hot pots & pans directly on its surface and it will keep the table protected from the heat. 
  • Chocolate Gift Set: Can a woman ever have enough chocolate? This luxurious Belgian chocolate gift set by Godiva is bound to give her pleasure for weeks to come. 
  • GPS Luggage Tracker: Is your mom one of those people that is utterly stressed while traveling as she fears losing her luggage? Not any more thanks to this handy GPS gadget that will tell her where her bag is at any time. 
  • Professional Massage: We end this list of perfect gifts for the mom who has everything with a classic. Your mom is always doing everything for you, so perhaps it is time for her to lay back and relax with a rejuvenating massage.

Looking For More Gift Ideas For The Woman That Has Everything?

We hope you find this list of unique gifts for women that have everything useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift! But if you are still looking for more great gift ideas, perhaps you’ll want to check out our lists of must-have tech gadgets or original travel gifts for her in 2022?

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