Top 10 Gifts for The Woman Who Has Everything 2018

What do you give a woman who has everything?

Sometimes, it can seem like she already has it all, and finding a gift for her can be daunting. But no need to panic, you just need to be a bit more creative.

Bottom line? You will want to look for those truly unique and original gifts that she for sure doesn’t have yet!

And in this top 10 list we already gathered the hottest 2018 items you can give to a woman who has everything.

Curious? Let’s dive right in!

Title Infographic for our top 10 gifts for the woman who has everything

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#10 gifts for the woman who has everything: Magical Sequin Cushion

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Watch their face light up when they brush the sequins to reveal the photo or text of your choice.

his beautiful and original cover is available in champagne, rose gold, silver or black and permanently printed with your design.

Whenever she is snuggled up on the couch she can have a peak with a simple stroke of her hand.

#9 gifts for the woman who has everything: Juno Smart Mirror

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The JUNO Smart Mirror is the ultimate makeup game changer.

With three levels of mirror lighting for (sunlight, daylight, and evening lighting) she can make sure your makeup will look on-point no matter what time of day you step out of the house.

Also, the built-in ring light will help her nail insta-ready selfies.

#8 gifts for the woman who has everyhing: Compact Tower Side Table

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The YAMAZAKI Compact Tower Side Table is a stylish and modern furniture gift for the woman who has everything.

It will work as a lamp table, snack table, phone table or even a decorative display table.

The it might seem as simple gift, she will not be able to part from it ever again thanks to its sheer usefulness.

#7 gifts for the woman who has everything: Clarins Ultimate Gift Set

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Every woman loves to pamper herself, and she can never have enough beauty products to do so.

This ultimate holiday set from Clarins contains a wide variety of high quality hand cremes, lotions and other make up products, as well as a cute bracelet and key chain.

Clarins offers a super premium range of skincare, face creams, body lotions and makeup products.

#6 gifts for the woman who has everything: Rose Quartz Phone Case

28165 4320 8.6

These days we tend to use our phones constantly throughout the day.

An item so frequently used in public, should not only be protected but also look fashionable & stylish.

She will get rid of her current smartphone case immediately once she sees this beautiful, handmade rose quartz marble case.

#5 gifts for the woman who has everything: Crosley Vintage Turntable

18667 3784 8.8

If she loves music, this nostalgic turntable might be a unique gift for her.

Not only can it play classics records in 3 speeds, it also has bluetooth & aux plugs to connect any other device.

And it does all of this while looking vintage and very stylish.

#4 gifts for the woman who has everything: Furla Adesia Makeup Bag

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Makeup bags tend to get stained over the years, so why not give her a stylish new one?

Furla created this iconic camelia pink leather handbag that fuses contemporary style with Italian craftsmanship.

The perfect Christmas gift for the woman who has everything.

#3 gifts for the woman who has everything: Estee Lauder Night Serum

17960 2339 9.1

A girl can never have enough beauty products.

And the queen of all beauty products is the serum, a highly concentrated active agent that delivers remarkable results.

This best-selling serum by Estée Lauder is a powerful nighttime renewal for radiant, youthful-looking skin. It will intensely hydrate her skin while it instantly adds radiance.

#2 gifts for the woman who has everything: YSL Vintage 1980s Sunglasses

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The 80’s style sunglasses are becoming a hype again among the fashion elite.

But unless she was already in her 20’s when Back To The Future was released, she will probably not own a pair herself.

Enter Yves Saint Laurent who dove back in their archives to bring back the last of their Green acetate 1980’s geometric sunglasses. Yes, these were actually produced back in the 80’s!

#1 gifts for the woman who has everything: Apple Watch by Hermes

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She might already have an Apple watch, but the one by Hermès is truly exclusive.

It comes with an iconic Double Tour bracelet which wraps around the wrist twice.

You can give her the full watch, where also the watch has been restyles by Hermès creatives, or you can just purchase the unique bracelet which she can adds to her own Apple watch.

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