25 Special Gifts for Quadriplegics

Some people are born special. God takes something from them and replaces it with something more incredible. In this article, we will talk about the gifts that are a perfect fit for quadriplegics – people whose all four limbs are dysfunctional.

You’ll be surprised to know how they manage things in their daily life.

These people deserve our unconditional support. Not only that, but we should also keep showing them that what they are doing is truly amazing. So, what could be better than a gift that says it all?

There are countless videos of such special people that have gone viral. Things they can do with so little support are almost unreal. There are many items that you can gift them, which will not only make them happy but also assist them in their routine.

Here is a list of some gifts that you may like for your quadriplegic friend or family member. These recommendations are given by Pippa who is a disabled writer and blogger, theatergoer, book reader, and novelty pajama enthusiast.

Given here is a list of some gifts which you may like for your quadriplegic friend or family member. These recommendations are given by Pippa who is a disabled writer and blogger, theatergoer and book reader, and novelty pajama enthusiast.

Gifts For Quadriplegics

25. Portable Vehicle Support

Portable Vehicle Support

It is very difficult to get into any vehicle when you are disabled. You need external support to do so.

A portable Vehicle Support handle is great for mobility-challenged people. It offers a firm grip and allows a person to easily get in or out of a vehicle.

This handle is made of forged steel, so it is anti-rust, and anti-corrosion.

It also features rubber foam which is comfortable for your hand to weigh on.

24. Portable Shampoo Bowl

Portable Shampoo Bowl

Who doesn’t like a spa experience?

Well, all do.

This portable shampoo basin makes it easy to wash your hair indoors without even going to the washroom.

It is designed in a way that a person will have a comfortable headrest and he can wash their hair conveniently.

23. Standing Mobility Aid

Standing Mobility Aid

It is tough for disabled people to get up without external support.

The standing mobility aid prevents falls. It provides stability and balance, so you can easily sit and stand on your favorite chair or couch.

You don’t need the assistance of a caregiver. The ergonomic safety handle provides security comfort.

22. Serving Tray

Serving Tray

If a person is partially paralyzed in a Quadriplegic condition, then you can also consider a Serving Tray for them.

As soft as fur, this lap tray is amazing to keep on your lap and have food.

You can also keep your laptop on it and work at any time. It has large dimensions, so you can keep multiple things on it if you want.

You can also detach the pillow as well if you want.

21. Lap Desk

Lap Desk

Working full-time is difficult when it comes to disability.

This adjustable laptop desk comes in 5 different heights.

It’s easy to lock on to different gadgets and can be adjusted according to your needs.

20. Rolling Shower Chair

Rolling Shower Chair

The Rolling Shower Chair is another incredible help for a quadriplegic.

It is a shower stool that is easy to use and assemble within minutes.

It is lightweight and durable as has an aluminum frame. The armrest is fully padded.

They are anti-slip, so a person can easily lean on them to get up.

19. Wheelchair Tray Table

Wheelchair Tray Table

It is hard for people with disabilities to perform normal functions.

This tray table comes with a cup holder which makes it easy to eat lunch.

It is easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about calling someone for installation.

You can extend the desktop and you can keep it and use it for office work or eating.

18. Multifunction Electric Lift

Multifunction Electric Lift

It is one of the best gifts we have come across so far.

This is an electric lift for disabled people, which can be attached to a wheelchair. This electric wheelchair lift has a premium design through which you can easily lift and transfer patients anywhere you want.

It’s safe and comfortable. The seat height is adjustable according to the needs.

It features a built-in toilet design, so it can be easily used in the washroom.

The problem of transferring a person from a wheelchair to a bed, a dining table, or anywhere else is now solved with this Multi-Function Electric Lift.

It is convenient for travel, so you can carry it anywhere you like.

17. Calf Bumpers

Calf Bumpers

Usually, disabled people hurt themselves when their legs rub against the wheelchair brackets.

With the help of calf bumpers, they won’t hurt themselves again.

Disabled persons can easily use these bumpers by simply pulling them open and sliding them on for covered protection.

It prevents any type of injury to the legs.

16. Shoe Holder Straps

Shoe Holder Straps

Sometimes with an accidental pull, a special person slips off his feet from the footrest of the wheelchair.

These Shoe Holder Straps can prevent any sliding.

This is made of nylon and polyester fabric which is soft on the feet.

It is durable and washable. The strap is adjustable, so a person can fasten it according to convenience.

15. Wheelchair Armrest Cover

Wheelchair Armrest Cover

Keeping arms on the armrest all the time can be exhausting and painful.

This wheelchair armrest cover is made with soft plush cushioning, offering comfort and relief from pain.

It protects arms from soreness, nerve pain, and skin irritation.

It has a thick foam layer, which is unbreakable so that the elbow and arms can have well-distributed pressure that also soothes the sore spots.

14. Mobility Wheelchair Ramp

Mobility Wheelchair Ramp

Stairs are everywhere.

A person doesn’t need to find a wheelchair ramp to climb up the stairs.

This foldable non-skid Mobility Wheelchair Ramp is safe to use. A disabled person can easily climb up the stairs without worrying about anything.

It is ideal for residential entrances, restaurants, or anywhere they have to climb.

13. Wheelchair Seat Belt

Wheelchair Seat Belt

Accidents can happen, it’s better to be prepared and avoid them.

With a disability, it’s really difficult to manage and take care of yourself without any external help.

This wheelchair seat belt is for the safety of the person in a wheelchair.

This belt is designed in a way that it prevents someone from going forward, sliding, or falling off the wheelchair.

It is a wearable vest that upgrades the security of the wheelchair harness for the users. The cotton padding makes it comfortable to wear.

12. Clothing Guard

Clothing Guard

This useful and full-length clothing guard is a protective shield that mounts on the armrest pads.

Disabled people can easily use these guards to ease themselves and protect their clothes from getting stuck on wheels.

This can be easily mounted between the holes in the rider’s position in the wheelchair.

11. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock Robot Vacuum

Disabled people have a very challenging life when it comes to managing everyday activities. Therefore, managing household chores is extremely difficult for them.

This robot vacuum cleaner helps clean the house easily and efficiently.

With its twin cameras and advanced reactive AI, it estimates the size and location and then plan the best way to clean it. It removes every obstacle coming in between.

10. Cup Holder

Cup Holder

A Cup Holder is a must-have accessory for a wheelchair-bound. It keeps the cups and mobile near the wheelchair and a person can easily grab them with less effort. It can be attached at the bottom or onto the rod.

Cup can be fixed in the holder along with the mobile phone. A person doesn’t have to worry about spilling because it has an anti-slip design.

The holder has rubber pads to help lock the cup holder onto the rod without moving.

9. A Transfer Board

A Transfer Board

Anything that can ease the pain of disabled people is an ideal gift for them.

This sliding disc reduces friction and helps transfer the patient easily from any bed to the wheelchair and vice versa.

You don’t need to lift the patients anymore. Just easily fit them to the Transfer Board and your job is done. This Transfer board is safe and it reduces the risk of injury. It is also rotatable and easy to use. The high-quality material makes it risk-proof

8. Neck Back Massager

Neck Back Massager

After a long, tiring, and exhausting day, nothing can help more than a neck and head massager.

It is perfect to give anyone who is disabled and little life activities are tiring for them.

The Shiatsu Neck and back massager deeply massages your muscles and soothes them with its heat function.

It has three-speed intensities. A person can choose according to his convenience.

Massage and heat therapy increases blood circulation and relieves soreness, pain, stiffness, and tension in muscles.

Ben Schmanke

Recommended by Ben Schmanke

Bio: Ben schmanke has recommended this massager who is a full time content creator. He produces authentic tech videos and reviews different products on his channel AuthenTech.

7. Head Pointer with Stylus

Head Pointer With Stylus

Do you know someone who is disabled or paralyzed?

This head mount cap is a great way to tell them that they can use gadgets even if their hands are not functional.

This universal head mount cap has an adjustable size so it fits all.

You can establish it with a smartphone through a stylus pointer.

The pointer is made of stainless steel and you can plug and play with the stylus pointer.

6. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Have you ever heard about an Amazon Echo Dot?

These are the smart speakers that have built-in Alexa and they fit well in small spaces.

The quality of sound is rich and louder. A person can stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, and much more.

It is perfect for the outdoors as well. Alexa helps to play music, answer questions, check the weather and set alarms, and much more.

These speakers are compatible with smart home devices that will help disabled people manage their work.

5. Hand Grip Strengthener

Hand Grip Strengthener

When a person is disabled, they need to strengthen their other muscles.

This forearm strengthener is perfect for improving the strength and speed of fingers.

The hand strengthener can enhance the flexibility of your fingers. The soft handle gives an easy grip to strengthen your muscles.

It can be used as an injury rehabilitation or just to relax the muscles

4.  FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

Wheelchair Attachment

Moving a wheelchair with hands is very tiring.

Though there are electric wheelchairs now, getting an easy wheelchair attachment is also the best option.

This freewheel wheelchair attachment has a pneumatic tire, making movement easy for off-road use.

It is a universal attachment that fits any wheelchair.

It rolls through the bumps, pebbles, grass, or any obstacle. It has an inflatable tire that absorbs shock and is easy to fix from any shop.

You can also mount it at the back of the wheelchair.

3. Wheelchair Side Bag

Wheelchair Side Bag

Providing ultimate convenience must be your core priority for the disabled.

With this double-sided Wheelchair Side Bag, a person can keep his phone, wallet, snacks, medication, glasses, and other essentials within his arm’s reach.

A disabled person doesn’t have to grab things from multiple places. Just put everything in the side bag and it’s all good.

Each pocket has a visible compartment which makes it easy to keep many things in one place.

2. Light Therapy Lamp

Light Therapy Lamp

When a person is unable to perform daily little functions, he feels frustrated all the time.

To keep calm, light therapy is an incredible thing to consider.

This daylight lamp provides glare-free white light which is safe to use. The LED light therapy calms and relaxes your brain.

This light therapy lamp safely and comfortably blocks the UV rays and provides maximum comfort and relaxation to the disabled.

1. Gel Seat Cushion

Gel Seat Cushion

Seemingly trivial everyday activities which people perform within seconds are very uncomfortable and extremely tiring for disabled people.

But there are many gadgets and products which are created to ease the life of quadriplegic patients.

Sitting in a wheelchair every day is very uncomfortable for disabled people.

This gel cushion has a polyester cover that balances pressure and flexibility. This honeycomb gel cushion has a cooling structure that reduces heat transfer between the buttocks and the seat so it relaxes the muscles.

BONUS: Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchair

So, let’s talk about the best gift for a disabled person. An electric wheelchair. This lightweight Aluminium made wheelchair can do wonders.

You can turn its wheels up to 180 degrees and can also turn into any tight place and fit through any door.

The torque is exceptional and can go quite fast. Its powerful batteries and perfect wheels allow this wheelchair to move on roads, grass, bumpy mud, and even sand.

Safety features are also quite impressive. It has an electromagnetic brake that can stop the chair within a second

If you have a friend or relative, and you are searching for a gift for him or her, this is the best gift. They are going to love it!

Gifts for people with a disability

Living life with any disability is surely very overwhelming and all such people need is love and support. Gifts are the perfect way to show them that you care and are thinking of them. These gifts will not only brighten up their mood, but they will also become a part of their routine, assisting them in one way or another. Take a look.

  • Mouthstick Stylus will help your disabled friend use smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. with ease.
  • if your friend is not able to speak clearly, then Voice Recognition will be quite useful for him. it will learn and understand his speech better and convert it into written text.
  • Calf Bumper is for everyone using a wheelchair. Your calves need better soles.
  • Standing Mobility Aid is a must for disabled people. these mobility aids will help him or she be less dependent on everyone and it feels so much better.
  • Disabled people get more tired than normal people because they are missing an ability. Foot Massager Machine will be their heaven back at home, it helps reduce pain and tiredness and helps them sleep well.

Gifts for paralyzed child

Our children are the driving force of our lives. All children are not fortunate enough to be born with everything normal. Some are born special with a prominent disability, making them go through life differently than normal children.

Keeping their spirits up is all you can do and what is better than showing your love and care through a gift?

Here is a list of some very special gifts which will be loved by any child with a disability. Let’s stroll through it.

  • BILLY Footwear is the best toddler shoe. Superior comfort, gripped bottoms and zipper closure makes them even better.
  • Bed Ladder helps those with limited upper body strength, to sit up straight on the bed. it has five handles at different distances from your hands.
  • Handled Shoe Horn is not only for the disabled. it is for every comfort lover. now you can wear your dress shoes easily without having to bow down.
  • After a tough day, coming back home to the aroma of Aromatherapy Candles feels just great.
  • A sensory tent is a perfect hideout for your kid; cozy and comfortable. the light play feature is very pleasant to look at and your kid will just love it.

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

Hope you find all these gift ideas useful! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you just like to see more gift ideas for anyone just click that button.

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