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The Gift Hacker About Us

The Gift Hacker – Our History

The Gift Hacker, through its in-depth quantitative research, aims at helping consumers find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Our popular gift-giving platform was launched back in November 2018. It is the brainchild of two young men, who were looking for a solution to the yearly struggle of finding gifts for their loved ones.

Going into 2022, The Gift Hacker is now proudly helping thousands of people every day to find the perfect gift.

Our Values

The Gift Hacker is driven by a commitment to deliver a peerless experience & gift-giving guidance through extensive consumer research translated into comprehensive yet to-the-point content.

  • In-Depth Research: all of the gift recommendations you will find on The Gift Hacker are the result of in-depth research & a rigorous selection process. We will only recommend a gift if we would like to receive it ourselves. 
  • Authentic Content: we write it as we see it. If we really like a product we will tell you why, but if we see flaws we will also not hesitate to put them on the table. Only by being honest and authentic can we guarantee our readers can make informed purchasing decisions. 
  • Daily Updates: with new products hitting the market every day, our teams are constantly updating our listicles and articles to delight our readers with the newest and most trending gifts. 
  • We Listen To Our Readers: at the end of the day, our readers always know best. That is why we are constantly urging them to give feedback on which articles they like and what elements could be improved. We also love it when our readers give us tips on potential products to add.

Meet The Team

Constantly monitoring the countless new products hitting the market every day, evaluating them, and writing reviews about the very best of them takes a lot of time and effort.

Luckily, we can count on a large team of market researchers, as well as our core staff of talented writers who won’t stop at anything to give our readers what they want: the lastest & most original gifts for any occasion.

Curious to meet our authors? Let’s have a look at the team!

Avatar Kristof
Kristof Dewulf

Kristof Dewulf

Kristof is our gadget-expert. If there is any new tech-related gizmo on the market, he will know about it. His idea of the perfect holiday is to spend a full week at CES…

Avatar Peter
Peter Geerts

Peter Geerts

Peter is our in-house sports fanatic. Whether it is fitness gifts for womenultimate hiking gear, or the latest must-haves for kayakers, he is our go-to expert.

Avatar Sarah


Sarah writes all our articles relating to gifts for animals or animal lovers. Owning a small petting herself, she has an expert eye when it comes to identifying the best products for pets and their owners.

Avatar Jess


Jess has made it her life’s goal to understand the specific needs linked to each profession. Looking for gifts for dentistsbarberspolice officers, or farmers? Jess did the research and wrote the perfect answer.

Acquisition by Aizzr Pty Ltd

The Gift Hacker was recently acquired by Aizzr Pty Ltd in 2022.

Ashar Jamil, CEO of the The Gift Hacker shared his opinion while discussing the objective of acquiring “The Gift Hacker”.

By leveraging The Gift Hacker userbase combined with our extensive marketing experience, we can ultimately take the platform to the next level. We look forward to scaling the platform even further through our resources and extensive experience in affiliate marketing. We’re excited to acquire The Gift Hacker as we accelerate the company’s growth profile.

Questions or Contact?

We sincerely hope you find all of our content useful and that it helps you find the perfect gift you have been looking for. In case you have any builds, please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@thegifthacker.com. Do you have a certain product you want us to check out and evaluate? Then please go to our product submission. Not sure where to start looking for the perfect gift? Perhaps our overview of top gifts per topic might be a good place to start.