35+ Best Gifts For Dentists & Dental Hygienists

Are you looking for original, useful and funny gifts for dentists & dental hygienists?

Well, you can’t handle the TOOTH!

All jokes aside, dental school graduation, as well as dentist & dental hygienist appreciation gifts, are a big hit with anyone in the dental field.

After a careful selection process, we ranked the very best dentist & dental hygienist gifts of 2021 in this ultimate top 35+ list.

BRACE yourself! Here we go!

Infographic top 37 best gifts for dentists & dental hygienists

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By: Jess, Updated 05/20/2021

#37 best gifts for dentists: dentist office planter


2522 882 8.1

We start with this list of best gifts for dentists & dental hygienists with the perfect dental office gift.

This original & fitting trio of tooth-shaped planters are bound to add a little green touch to any dental office.

These planters are very popular dental hygienist & dentist graduations gifts.

#36 personalized gifts for dentist: custom bobblehead


15257 5788 8.1

If you are looking for personalized dentist gifts look no further.

After you provide a photograph this company will make a custom bobblehead of the dentist or dental hygienist in your life.

Whether as dentist school graduation gift or as an everyday dentist appreciation gift, the personalized bobblehead will be a big success.

#35 best gifts for dentists: book the excrutiating history of dentistry


19593 1250 8.2

We can’t have a list of best gifts for dentists & dental hygienists without adding some interesting & fitting books.

This bestseller by James Wynbrandt offers fascinating reading for anyone in the dental profession.

At times horrifying humorous & educational, this books explains the state of dentistry from the beginning of recorded civilization to the present.

#34 personalized gifts for dentists: work bag


14588 2499 8.2

Next, we have an original, practical, and very stylish personalized dentist gift.

This dashing bag features a zippered main compartment, mesh pockets for bottles and pens, and can be personalized with the recipient’s name.

It’s lightweight, high quality and big enough to fit everything a dentist or dental hygienist might need during the day.

#33 dental hygienist gifts: flip flops


7764 1603 8.3

Ok, these flip flops are just too cute and funny not to give as a present.

Whether a dentist or dental hygienist is planning to wear them to the office, around the house, or at the beach, they’ll look dashing while offering ridiculous comfort.

Available in different dental-themed prints and sizes they are extremely popular as dental gag gifts or stocking stuffer.

#32 dental school graduation gifts: wine bottle holder


9891 1325 8.4

Walking a fine line between a practical gadget and a work of art, this dentist with patient wine bottle holder definitely deserves its place in our list of best gifts for dentists.

It measures approximately 9.5 x 8.5 x 12.5 and includes a handy wine saver vacuum pump.

This gadget is so original it is often used as a decorative item around the dental office.

#31 funny dentist gifts: hilarious socks


17853 5854 8.4

As far as funny dentists gifts go you were probably expecting to see a pair of socks.

But you have to admit, this dashing pair featuring hilarious dental puns is a must-have for anyone in the dental profession.

Besides looking awesome, these compression socks will also provide premium support and comfort regardless of the activity.

#30 dental office gifts: wooden ornament


1503 522 8.4

People usually sit down in that dentist’s chair feeling a bit frightful that they will have to endure some pain. That is where this funny dental office gift can offer some well-needed relief and laughs.

It’s hilarious but also not too big so it can be placed easily around the practice or waiting room.

A great dentist or dental hygienist graduation gift.

#29 best gifts for dentists: dental practice hero book


9850 1735 8.4

Next on our list of best gifts for dentists & dental hygienists we find a must-read book for those who would like to take their practice to the next level.

Filled with great tips and practical advice, this book offers a roadmap to become a better business leader and manager.

The writer, Dr. Etchison is not your average dentist. He is a visionary leader who combines marketing and business knowledge, clinical excellence, and leadership that led him to create a thriving, growing practice himself.

#28 dental hygienist graduation gift: tooth flash drive


19851 3524 8.5

Everyone needs a flash drive, including dentists & dental hygienists.

So why not give them one that perfectly fits their profession?

Voted as one of the best Christmas stocking stuffers & dental hygienists gifts under $10.

#27 dental hygienist gifts: wine glass


16520 3459 8.5

Being a dental hygienist is definitely not always an easy job. That is why each and every one of them deserves to sit back and relax after a hard day’s of work.

With this hysterical dental hygienist gift one is able to enjoy just the right amount of wine depending on the day that was had.

A funny dental themed gag gift for a wine enthusiast, friend, relative or co-worker.

#26 best gifts for dentists: cookie cutters


1256 298 8.6

The prize for the most original yet contradictory gift for dentists & dental hygienists goes to this set of cookie cutters.

Although sugar might be the root cause of tooth decay, the resulting cookies will look too good to resist.

The level of detail is impressive, and each batch of delicious cookies is bound to be an immediate hit whenever and wherever they are served.

#25 dental office gifts: 3D tooth lamp


16504 4852 8.6

This trendy lamp is another one of our popular dental school graduation gifts.

Available in a wide range of funky colors the 3D tooth lamp will add a modern touch to any dental office or waiting room.

It can be powered by batteries or plugged directly onto the net using a USB cable.

#24 best gifts for dentists: personalized street sign


14596 3495 8.6

The best gifts for dentists are often the most simple ones.

This dental-themed street sign is a highly appreciated ornament by anyone in the field.

Want to make it an even more personalized dentist gift or perhaps more dental hygienist oriented? No problem! You can provide any customized you’d like.

#23 dental hygienist gifts: baby onesie


11350 2452 8.6

Did the dentist or dental hygienist in your life just become a new mom or dad?

Then you might want to give them one of these utterly adorable onesies.

Both onesies are available in a wide range of colors. The dental hygienist version can be found on another page.

#22 funny gifts for dentists: grillz pacifier


3405 888 8.6

Staying in the baby theme for just a tad longer we also had to include this funny dentist gag gift.

The idea of a dentist with a baby showing off its new grillz is nothing short of hysterical.

To note, this pacifier is also a very popular dental school graduation gift among students.

#21 dental hygienist gifts: button pins


1234 421 8.7

This next dental hygienist gift was added after hearing a great and heart-warming story.

A dental hygienist used these buttons to cheer up the children that came to her office feeling a bit anxious about the procedure.

By wearing a different one each day, she was able to make their little patients chuckle and immediately brighten up their mood.

#20 best gifts for dentists: communicator face masks


2149 707 8.7

Dentists and dental hygienists love to talk during a procedure.

But whether it is medical information about the procedure or small talk, it is always so difficult to understand what they’re saying through that face mask.

No more thanks to this must-have dentist gift. The see-through mouth area is also very useful to show someone you are smiling at them.

#19 dental hygienist gifts: tote bag


21943 3331 8.7

At No. 19 of our list of best gifts for dentists & dental hygienists we find a very stylish and practical item.

Every woman can always use another tote bag, and with this beauty, she will be able to share her profession to the world in a hysterical way.

Probably one of our favorite dental hygienist graduation gifts in this list.

#18 dental office gifts: modern art desk clock


336 112 8.8

This beautiful dental-themed clock is carefully made from a high-quality zinc alloy metal.

Thanks to its compact size it will not look too overwhelming or kitschy.

A modern & elegant dentist gift that deserves a centerpiece place on any desk.

#17 funny dentists gifts: ultimate jokes book


609 235 8.8

An homage to the rich history of dentist jokes, this book is a must-have for any dentist or dental hygienist.

Chester Croker truly outdid himself with this collection of the very best jokes, puns and funny stories relating to the dental profession.

BRACE yourself for some rolling-on-floor laughter!

#16 dental office gifts: vintage wall art


1596 446 8.8

Next, we have a great gift for the dental surgeon, dental hygienist or the dental assistant who has it all.

This beautiful set of 6 vintage prints features educational representations of historical dental equipment.

Nicely framed these prints will add an interesting & fitting touch to any practice.

#15 best gifts for dentists: silver tooth necklace


3104 1040 8.8

This beautiful necklace is probably one of our favorite dentist & dental hygienist graduation gifts for women.

The chain length makes the necklace hang perfectly for wearing with scrubs, and the size of the tooth is perfect so it is not in the way while working in a dental office.

The tooth charm, as well as the chain, is sterling silver, and the whole comes presented in a beautifully wrapped gift box.

#14 dental hygienist graduation gifts: license plate frame


980 303 8.9

After having survived dental hygienist school anyone will want to proudly share his or her profession with the world.

This funny license plate frame will enable exactly that using a fitting pun.

The frame is made from high-quality chrome and makes for a great dental hygienist graduation gift.

#13 dental school graduation gifts: funky coaster set


6005 2202 8.9

Whether as dental school graduation, housewarming or retirement gift, these funky coaster set is bound to be a big hit.

Featuring a contemporary colorful dental print these coasters will add a slight dental touch to any interior.

Each coaster has a high-quality gloss finish and a natural cork backing.

#12 best gifts for dentists: parking sign


1621 490 9.0

A classic funny dentist gift is, of course, the parking sign.

Some use it as an actual sign to mark their parking space, others as a funny ornament for their dental office.

Either way, a timeless classic that deserves a spot in this list of best gifts for dentists.

#11 funny dentist gifts: teeth magnets


4767 1679 9.0

Their magnets … in the shaped of teeth!

How is this not one of the best dental office gifts ever?

Fun fact: some dentists & dental hygienists also reported using these little magnets to make their little patients laugh by tricking them into believing teeth are magnetic.

#10 dental office gifts: wall art


1981 898 9.1

For those who are looking for a more premium & classy gift for dentists & dental hygienists we offer this lovely piece of art.

This work by Spencer Couture features an original modern-day interpretation of the dental profession.

It makes a wonderful addition to any dental office reception or waiting room.

#9 best gifts for dentists: just floss t shirt


16744 3521 9.1

Our list of best gifts for dentist & dental hygienists wouldn’t be complete without adding a funny shirt.

Spoofing the classic Nike logo and slogan, this funny shirt is an absolute must-have for any man or woman in the dental field.

The shirt is available in different colors and sizes.

#8 personalized dentist gifts: engraved decanter


1497 751 9.2

If you are looking for the perfect dentist retirement gift we highly recommend this beautiful decanter.

The dental crest is carefully & skillfully etched on the bottle to create a unique keepsake.

To finish it off, you can personalize this dentist retirement gift with the recipient’s name.

#7 funny dentist gifts: denture shaped ice cube tray


17004 5594 9.2

Thanks to this funny gift, a dental hygienist will be able to serve the perfect drinks & cocktails.

This original ice cube tray can make up to 6 denture-shaped cubes at a time.

Made of high-quality grade eco silicone material and dishwasher safe.

#6 dental school graduation gifts: cufflinks


1188 656 9.3

Another great dental school graduation or dentist retirement gift is this pair of cufflinks.

The teeth are just the right size. They are discrete and not too big so they don’t stand out too much or become a hindrance.

The cufflinks come presented in a very nice gift box.

#5 funny dentist gifts: coffee mug


5941 2209 9.3

Kicking off our top 5 of best gifts for dentists & dental hygienist we find, that’s right, the funny dentist coffee mug.

This beauty features a wink to one of the great frustrations of the technological era where everyone thinks they are a doctor thanks to Google.

A Hilarious coffee that will put a smile on the face of any man or woman within the dental profession.

#4 dental hygienist gifts: adult coloring book


32453 7956 9.4

Dentists, hygienists & dental assistants all have one thing in common: sometimes they just have enough and wish they could board a plane to Mexico.

But thanks to this hilarious coloring book for adults they will be able to release some of that stress and exhaustion in a creative way.

The book is filled with snarky recognizable dental practice situations, and is bound to make anyone in the field laugh and feel instantly better.

#3 dental hygienist graduation gifts: rubber duckies


2783 994 9.5

At No 3 we proudly present our all-time favorite dental stocking stuffer.

These adorable little rubber duckies make for the perfect dental hygienist gifts.

One is a dentist, one a patient, and one good little duckie brushing his teeth!

#2 best gifts for dentists: tooth plush


9567 3795 9.5

Yes, this little tooth plush is ridiculously adorable and makes for a great dentist gift just for being cute.

But it’s also a very practical and touching tool to be used when working with children.

Dentists & dental hygienists have reported using this little fellow for reassuring frightened children during a procedure. Allowing them to hold this plush during procedures has proven to provide extra support & reassurance.

#1 best gifts for dentists: definition canvas


25492 8840 9.6

At the very top of our list of best gifts for dentists & dental hygienists we fittingly find the definition of the profession.

Although people often associate going to the dentist with pain, they perhaps fail to properly appreciate the amazing work these people are doing.

That date-winning Colgate smile didn’t get there by itself, and this funny dentist gift is a great reminder that deserves a place in any dental office.

What is a good dentist graduation gift?

Whether the person you are buying for went to dentist school or dental hygienist school, it probably took them blood sweat and tears to get that degree. That means that graduation does hold a lot of significance for him and her, and this calls for a fitting graduation gift.

Here are some tips help you find the best dentist graduation gifts:

  • It is very ok to give them a funny dentist gift or another dental-themed gag gift. They worked their butt off so laughter is a great direction for a dentist or dental hygienist graduation gift. This book with Ultimate Dentist Jokes is an absolute bestseller. And of course you can never go wrong with a Funny Dentist Coffee Mug.
  • Give them a keepsake gift that they can prominently display in their dental office or practice. We included many of such items in the above list, yet our absolute favorite is this Dentist Definition Canvas. Alternatively, you can give them a piece of jewelry as a graduation gift, like this Silver Tooth Necklace.
  • You can even take the previous graduation gift idea one step further and go for personalized dentist gifts. A great example is this Personalized Dental Crest Decanter.

What is a great dental office gift?

Basically, any nice item that a dentist or dental hygienist can place in their office justifies as a good dental office gift.

You can go for smaller items, such as this Desk Clock or this Sarcastic Sign. But in case you have more money to spend a larger dental-themed canvas to decorate a reception area or waiting room is for sure appreciated. What about this captivating Modern Art Canvas?

Although people in the dental field will of course appreciated a dental-themed office gift, you can also go for the more traditional route and give them a little Gift Basket filled with goodies (everyone loves gift baskets!), or a Personalized Wine Gift Box.

What is a great thank you gift for a dentist?

Right of the bat, don’t think that dentists & dental hygienists expect to receive appreciation gifts from their patients as compensation for a procedure. In the end, it is their job and they don’t expect additional material items.

Actually, the best thank you gift that you can give them is just a written note to voice your appreciation. It doesn’t take much effort but believe us when we tell you it does mean a lot to a dentist or dental hygienist. These people work very long hours to help people achieve that healthy perfect smile, but rarely get thanked for it.

In case you do insist on getting them a little something, don’t go overboard. A little Gift Basket or a nice Bottle of Wine is normally well appreciated. But before buying any thank you gift, perhaps do check upfront with your dentist or dental hygienist, as some don’t accept any gifts as a principle.

Looking For More Gift Ideas For Dentists?

Hope you find this list of best gifts for dentists & dental hygienists useful, and you are now set to surprise the beloved teeth doctor in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below.


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