26 Best Adults Gag Gifts Under $20 That Are Just Hilarious

Looking for hilarious and the best adult gag gifts because you have a white elephant or dirty Santa gift-giving party coming up?

Yes, these exchanges, whether among friends or co-workers, are nothing short of legendary and usually crack up the entire room.

But you have no clue where to start looking for the best adult gag gifts?

Don’t worry, we already did the work for you and identified the 26 best adult gag gifts that will be an instant hit, leaving everyone rolling on the floor.

Ready to get cheeky? Let’s go!

Best Adult Gag Gifts

In this article you will find:

26. Men’s Elephant Bulge Boxer

Boxer With Build In Bulge

We start our list of the best adult gag gifts with an absolute bestseller for stag parties.

Thanks to this pair of elephant bulge boxers, any friend that is “hung like a horse” will finally be able to experience absolute comfort. It comes with a built-out pouch which offers plenty of room, comfort & support in the front.

Or…you just make your mate wear it cause it’s freakin hilarious!

25. The Glow Bowl


Honestly, who wouldn’t want to add some flair to their toilet bowl?

Meet the GlowBowl: it can light up your bowl in 13 different vibrant colors.

Besides being a hilarious adult gag gift, it also comes with a built-in air freshener so it will leave the bathroom smelling great!

24. Wrinkle Preventing Breast Pillow

Breast Pillow

Next, we have a great adult gag gift for that female friend that just loves to sleep on her stomach.

With this pillow bra, she can finally sleep comfortably while avoiding chest wrinkles in the morning.

As the bra offers additional support, it is actually also a very useful gag gift for after breast augmentation surgery.

23. Incense Cone Sticks Holder

Incense Cone Sticks Holder

How about an adult gag gift that can bring couples closer together?

Look no further! This ceramic incense holder will do just the trick.

Just place an incense stick in the holder, and the smoke will come out of…yes, there. A great white elephant wedding gift!

22. Blow Job Bib

Bj Bib

Next up is a classic yet simple adult gag gift.

Thanks to this bad boy, your clothing remains protected from unwanted spills or stains.

A great adult gag gift for bachelorettes.

21. Humping Animals Coloring Book

Humping Animals Adult Coloring Book

Next on our list of adult gag gifts, we have a hilarious coloring book.

The Humping Animals Coloring Book is jam-packed with naughty animals from around the world.

If nothing else, the last page alone may be worth the price of the entire book!

20. Code Brown Emergency Underpants

Code Brown Emergency Underpants

This 3-pack of emergency underpants is a very popular gag gift among co-workers.

Do you know someone who has a big meeting or an important sales pitch coming up? Then give him this kit, just in case.

These historical commandos will always be there to save one’s ass!

19. 50 Ways To Eat Cock

50 Ways To Eat Cock

Probably the most hilarious thing about this gag gift is the fact that grandma usually doesn’t get what’s funny about it.

This (very) HARD cover book features 50 delicious recipes to prepare a male poultry specimen.

It is a contagiously humorous chicken cookbook that is sure to be an instant hit during any party.

18. Pooping Pooches Calendar

Pooping Dog Calendar

OK, it’s a calendar with nothing else than pictures of pooping pooches.

Shut up and take my money already!

This 2022 calendar is a simple yet extremely popular adult gag gift that works for any occasion.

17. Images “You Don’t Masturbate To”

Images You Should Not Masturbate To

A laugh-out-loud collection of random pictures is virtually guaranteed to dampen the urge of even the strongest libido.

Just make sure you also tell your friend to watch out for paper cuts on his or her genitals

A proven big hit adult gag gift at any white elephant gift exchange.

16. Dickhead T-shirt

Dickhead T Shirt

For that friend who refuses to fully dress up during his bachelor party, we offer this t-shirt.

Also a hit among friends who like to a kind of Russian roulette game before they go out for the night. The loser has to wear the shirt.

Want to hit the floor laughing? Imagine this shirt on a bald friend…

15. Hot Seat Adult Card Game

Hot Deal Adult Card Game

The Hot Seat is the best adult gag gift if you’d like to hear the stories everyone was hoping were forgotten.

It’s a card game where those hot and embarrassing questions are asked, everyone needs to write the answer down on a piece of paper, and then one friend needs to guess which answer came from whom.

Can be combined with some tequila shots to make the game even more interesting.

14. The Willy Warmer

Willy Warmer

The perfect funny adult gag gift for a friend who just hates getting cold in the wintertime.

This knitted beauty is bound to lead to a priceless smile and a room full of screaming laughter when opened.

One size fits most.

13. Smack-a-sack stress ball

Smack A Sack Stress Balls

Looking for a great gag gift that is edgy but still acceptable to give to a co-worker or office pal?

The smack-a-sack stress ball is an absolute hit amongst women, and usually leads to some stress-relieving giggles from the lady who now can say she has a pair!

She will be an instant hit in the office as everyone will come to her desk to smack that sack.

12. Pick Your Poison Adult Card Game

Pick Your Poison Adult Card Game

Pick Your Poison is a hilarious adult gag gift card game with unfathomable “Would You Rather..?” scenarios.

Players compete to create the hardest scenario possible by combining two cards, after which everyone is asked to “pick their poison”.

Warning: Do not play with people who are easily offended or disgusted.

11. Over The Hill Exerciser

Over The Hill

Keep the love muscles in shape thanks to the Over the Hill exerciser.

With this adult gag gift, you will hit the white elephant or dirty Santa jackpot!

Now whenever jocks ask him whether he ‘even lifts, bro’, he can confidently say ‘yes… sort of’.

10. How to Live With a Huge Penis Book

How To Live With A Huge Penis

Before you start laughing, I’ll have you know that this is a very empowering self-help book for a man suffering from such a condition.

On the other hand…it’s also a hilarious thing to leave around the house or bring with you. Just leave it somewhere for people to see and watch their reaction when they do.

This adult gag gift is a great and very popular stocking stuffer.

9. Penis-Shaped Lipstick

Penis Shaped Lipstick

Probably one of our most popular adult gag gifts for bachelorette weekends is this penis-shaped lipstick.

Choose from 12 amazing colors and have a blast every time she needs to touch up her lips in public.

The level of detail in this dirty stocking stuffer is quite astonishing.

8. Talk Flirt Dare Adult Game

Talk Flirt Dare Adult Game

Refuel the connection in your marriage or relationship with the flirt & dare cards, or start some fun couple conversations during parties with the talk cards.

This adult gag gift game is as fun as it is versatile!

Perfect as a wedding or Valentine’s day gift.

7. Dick Towels

Dick Towels

A classic dirty Santa adult gag gift is, of course, the naughty towel.

Go for one with a cool & sexy dick design, or opt for its female counterpart.

The recipient will be the focus not only at the party where the gift is given but also at any beach or pool visited afterward.

6. I Love Gay Porn Bumper Stickers

I Love Gay Porn Bumber Sticker

This is an excellent prankster gift for laughs with friends or a nice, anonymous way of getting at your golf and hunting buddies.

Give it as a dirty Santa or white elephant gift, or just put it on a friend’s car without him or her knowing, and watch as the magic happens.

Because there are so many great places to put it, this hilarious adult gag gift comes in a 10-pack. So, no hard choices will need to be made!

5. Beaver Bath Bombs

Beaver Bombs

This funny and naughty adult gag gift for women is sure to have any beaver receiver tickled pink.

These high-quality bath bombs are an instant hit during any white elephant gift exchange, but perhaps unlike other gag gifts also actually useful afterward.

DAM, they are relaxing!

4. Snow Globe Hooter Heaters

Snow Globe Sweaters

A classic silly stocking stuffer for the more cheeky ladies in your life.

These Snow Globe mini hats will keep any pair of boobs warm and fashionable during those cold winter days.

Definitely one of our favorite dirty secret Santa gag gifts as it never fails to turn a room into laughter!

3. Reindeer Man Thong

Reindeer Man Thong

It’s just so damn funny whenever someone gets a man thong, isn’t it?

Though perhaps a bit too cheeky for an office white elephant party, this adult gag gift is hilarious among friends, and an absolute must-have item for a bachelor party.

You’ll never be able to look Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer in the eyes again, but heck, it’s worth it!

2. A Banana Cock Puppet

Banana Cock Puppet

Well, Is there still an explanation needed or are you already rolling on the ground laughing?

As far as costumes for one’s dong go, this is probably the best one we’ve seen so far. It is high-quality and hilarious, from product to packaging.

The perfect adult gag gift to surprise your girlfriend with during Valentine’s day.

1. The Weener Kleener

Weener Cleaner

Let’s bring some fun into the shower or bath!

A hysterical adult gag gift for couples, or during bachelor parties and bridal showers.

We also noticed it is a very popular teenage boy’s stocking stuffer. Well, if you use a tool on a daily basis, you should probably also clean it as often as well, right?

How do I choose the right adult gag gifts?

Finding the right adult gag gift indeed requires a bit of consideration.

Firstly, although anything might go among friends, this is not true for a work environment.

Secondly, don’t just think about the receiver and what he or she might like or find funny, but also consider the other people that might be in the room when the present is opened. You don’t want to offend anyone.

The best adult gag gifts are those that are fun for both the receiver and the other people in the room. They are founded on an insight regarding the receiver (a certain trait, funny memory, getting married) that shows you know him or her, but which is turned into a hysterical gift that will turn the room into laughter.

How do I choose adult gag gifts for co-workers?

The office white elephant or dirty Santa gifting parties are legendary. But as you don’t want to end up with HR the next day you do want to use some caution. Here are some useful tips:

  • A gag gift can be funny, but don’t offend. This goes for both the receiver and any other co-workers that might be in the room.
  • Big no-nos are items that joke about physical appearance, race, religion, or faith.
  • Avoid items that could be interpreted as being inappropriate. Better to stay clear of more romantic gifts.
  • For more useful tips, you can also check out this post on how to play office secret Santa.

If the above adult gag gifts were too cheeky for your office or co-workers, our top 20 secret Santa gifts for co-workers might be a better match for you. Though extremely fun, these gifts are less adult oriented.

Looking for More Adult Gag Gifts?

I hope you find this list of the best adult gag gifts useful and you are now set to surprise a person with the perfect white elephant or dirty secret Santa gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Looking for more gag gifts? Perhaps you should have a look at our hysterical lists of funny retirement presents and gag gifts for new dads.

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