35+ Best Gifts For Elderly Women In 2022

Buying gifts for elderly women is not always easy. What do you buy someone who has spent a lifetime accumulating stuff?

Studies show that elderly people do put a lot value on receiving gifts, so getting your present right might just make their day.

But no need to dispair, The Gift Hacker is here to help! In the below list we gathered the 35+ very best gifts for elderly women in 2022. Whether you are looking for something useful or comical, we got you covered!

Infographic top 35 best gifts for elderly women

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By: Jess, Updated 10/11/2021

#39 best gifts for elderly women: travel safe


22483 11922 8.1

We start this list of gifts for elderly women with a gadget for those that still love to go out and discover the world.

Unfortunately, elderly people are often targeted by thieves, especially while they are at the beach or at the pool.

With this handy travel safe, an elderly woman can safely store and secure her valuables wherever she goes.

#38 best gifts for elderly women: ultimate grabber gadget


21333 11732 8.1

With this patented grabber gadget, any elderly women can now easily grab any item from the floor without bending over.

The patented 3-in-1 design features a 19-inch flexible claw (that holds items up to 10 pounds!), a powerful detachable magnet, and a detachable LED light.

On top, it is the only claw in the world that lets the user control the grip strength.

#37 best gifts for elderly women: AirPhysio breathing aid


21333 11732 8.1

AirPhysio is a patented, award-winning device that uses oscillating pressure to naturally improve an elderly person’s breathing.

When she exhales through the device, a positive pressure is created in her lungs, which loosens mucus from the airway walls so she can cough it out naturally.

Trusted, recommended, and used by hundreds of pulmonologists to help with symptoms from respiratory conditions.

#36 best gifts for elderly women: positive energy care package


23437 10935 8.1

We continue this list of best gifts for elderly women with a 5-piece care package that contains some of the most useful and relaxing items for senior citizens.

This best-selling gift set contains a high-quality neck pillow, an eye mask, a tote, a warm blanket throw, and a pair of comfy socks.

Each of the items is designed to send positive thoughts and energizing vibes to anyone who uses them.

#35 best gifts for elderly women: personal safety keychain


18783 7004 8.1

The personal alarm keychain is a great gift idea to make any elderly lady feel safe wherever she may go.

It features a high-pitch alarm that draws attention during emergencies and also has built-in LED lights for visual aid during the night.

To activate the alarm, she just has to press a button. Quite easy to use, right?

#34 best gifts for elderly women: firm grip insulator cup


18343 6625 8.1

Due to weakened muscles and reduced strength, elderly people have a frail grip while holding things in their hands.

The YETI mug provides a sturdy grip that helps senior citizens prevent the spilling of drinks.

Its double-wall vacuum insulation also keeps drinks hot for longer periods. Hence, a clever gift for elderly ladies who enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea.

#33 best gifts for elderly women: infrared foot massager


9436 3041 8.2

As you get older, your muscles and joints do tend to get soar more easily.

Hence, any gift that provides some form of pain relief is highly appreciated

This massager has a built-in infrared heating system that can instantly relieve most types of foot muscle aches.


#32 best gifts for elderly women: blissy pillow


7692 2930 8.2

Next, we have another miraculous must-have item – the silk pillow case.

This silk pillowcase is a game-changer when it comes to nourishing her hair and skin while she sleeps. Friction from cotton aggravates your delicate skin and robs your face of the moisture and gentleness you need.

The fibers in this silk case will help counteract years of havoc that her regular pillowcase has been doing to her.

#31 best gifts for elderly women: easy tracking device


6756 1034 8.3

The power of innovative technology is marvelously visible in this small, compact device – the XY Find It.

With it, all the forgetful senior ladies can say goodbye to misplacing their important belongings.

Whether she misplaced her keys, wallet or even a pet, the XY Find It will instantly locate its tracker via phone. The device is quite easy to use and makes for a very practical item to gift to any senior citizen.

#30 best gifts for elderly women: silky pashmina scarf


2242 844 8.3

This silky Pashmina scarf is probably our most stylish gift idea for an elderly lady under $15.

It comes in a huge variety of vibrant colors and is extremely comfortable to wear.

In short, it is a great accessory which will complement all sorts of outfits and glam up any senior citizen look.

#29 best gifts for elderly women: fashionable rollator bag


1699 437 8.3

The RMS Rollator bag is both a stylish as a useful gift for elderly ladies.

It is water-resistant and fits onto most models of wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, and rollators.

This colorful bag is lightweight and very easy to attach and use.

#28 best gifts for elderly women: pain relieving sandals


17495 8506 8.4

For all those aging ladies who experience severe pain in their feet while walking or even just standing up, these insoles are lifesavers.

Using acupuncture principles, these sandals will relieve pain by applying pressure to the right pressure points.

Tip: if the elderly lady in your life just had surgery these sandals make for an even more fitting gift.

#27 best gifts for elderly women: scented candles gift set


14121 3847 8.4

Research has shown that scents can have a calming and relaxing effect.

So indulge the elderly woman in your life with a lavish scented candle gift set.

The set comes presented in a lovely gift box, ready for gift giving.

#26 best gifts for elderly women: Burt's bees gift set


9250 2089 8.5

You can never go wrong gifting an elderly woman a gift set filled with body lotions and balms.

And as far as balms go, Burt’s Bees as considered the best.

Each product in the set is made with real honey and provides a sweet fragrance & deep hydration.

#25 best gifts for elderly women: natural headache relief


6505 2377 8.5

At No. 25 of our list of best gifts for elderly women, we find an innovative gadget.

Believe it or not, this little clip is a miracle cure against headaches.

It works by applying pressure on the right pressure points & nerve endings in your hand.

#24 best gifts for elderly women: mule with flexible outsole


1201 394 8.5

For senior citizens, bending over and tying or untying one’s shoes becomes a real struggle.

That is why mules make for an excellent gift idea.

Thanks to their flexible outsoles, these mules will easily slip on or off, while providing comfort and support.

#23 best gifts for elderly women: embroidered clothing protector


5475 1941 8.6

Unfortunately, the elderly do tend to struggle with eating, and sometimes spills are inevitable.

But before you condemn an elderly lady to wear an unflattering bib, consider giving her one of these stylish protectors.

Each Classy Pal is has a stylish embroidered pattern and looks like a regular piece of clothing.

#22 best gifts for elderly women: RFID blocking wallet


1566 333 8.6

Senior citizens are often the target of thieves and malicious people.

In our digital world, the latest scam is to misuse the contactless payment option of cards that doesn’t require a code.

But no more thanks to this smart RFID blocking wallet. It is designed to block any device from accessing your cards.

#21 best gifs for elderly women: personal air purifier


5882 2010 8.6

Most elderly women spend the majority of their days indoors.

But a lack of fresh air can lead to many ailments and aches.

With this state-of-the-art personal air purifier, the air quality will always remain top-notch.

#20 best gifts for elderly women: skechers keepsakes slippers


7007 2342 8.7

We can’t have a list of best gifts for elderly women without also adding a pair of comfy slippers.

Although most of you will only know Skechers from their line of hip sneakers, they actually also have a great assortment in slippers.

We’ve chosen this specific pair as it combines ultimate comfort with a very sturdy anti-slip sole (to avoid an elderly lady falling down).

#19 best gifts for elderly women: plug-in heater


8043 3678 8.7

As elderly people are prone to feel chilly, any gift that helps them keep warm is highly appreciated.

This plug-in heater offers an easy and fast solution for warming up any room.

It is also a cheaper alternative compared to turning up the heat in the entire house.

#18 best gifts for elderly women: pocket magnifying glass


10293 4554 8.7

The years are not kind to one’s eyesight, and that’s a fact.

Most senior citizens struggle with reading as they get older.

But thanks to this handy pocket magnifying glass elderly women will always have a little helper at hand.

#17 best gifts for elderly women: healthy fruit infuser


15694 5816 8.7

For an elderly woman, keeping in good health is probably the number one concern.

A daily dose of vitamins and staying well hydrated is therefore indispensable in any senior citizen’s diet.

With this fruit infuser, she can enjoy a nice fruity snack paired with its delicious infused water.

#16 best gifts for elderly women: comfy compression socks


11014 4009 8.8

It’s probably not a surprise finding a pair of compression socks on this list of best gifts for elderly women.

But why stop at function, if you can also indulge her with comfort and stylish design?

These socks might not be the most original item on this list, but they are nonetheless extremely popular and highly appreciated.

#15 best gifts for elderly people: ultimate neck & shoulder massager


1032 739 8.8

If you are looking for a relaxation gift for senior citizens under $50, this ultimate massager is your pick.

It perfectly combines ergonomic design with state-of-the-art tech to deliver a unique experience.

Just watch your mother or grandmother sit back and enjoy one of its deep-tissue programs.

#14 best gifts for elderly women: senior citizen sleeping aid


8111 5491 8.8

Whether it is linked to a chronic disease or smaller aches, many elderly women do have trouble sleeping.

This nifty device emits a calming noise that helps you fall more easily into a deeper sleep.

The sleeping aid is also a much safer alternative to any form of medication.

#13 best gifts for elderly women: pro massager


5006 3022 8.8

Does she experience muscle pain in other areas of her body?

Then the Pro Massager is a gift that can offer her relief.

Using revolutionary technology, it can massage the tissue on a deeper level, resulting in a faster and more effective pain relief. Just read the 7000 (!) positive product reviews.

#12 best gifts for elderly women: stylish vintage tassel poncho


2161 1004 8.8

Did you ever stop to think that our current senior citizens are the same generation of people that were partying wild on Woodstock?

Make that special elderly lady in your life relive those crazy times with this vintage tassel poncho.

This stylish garment is made of high-quality fabric and is available in vibrant colors.

#11 best gifts for elderly women: power bank hand warmer


5222 1920 8.9

Finally no more cold hands thanks to this electrical hand warmer.

If keeping one’s hands warm isn’t already enough, this mighty device also doubles as a power bank.

This little gadget is a great gift for elderly women that love going for a walk, even when it’s more chilly outside.

#10 best gifts for elderly women: magnetic pickup tool & torch


8119 2054 8.9

For senior citizens, dropping an item on the floor can pose a real physical challenge.

The strain on the back and knees is a killer, and some elderly ladies even struggle to get back up.

This handy magnetic pickup toolset solves this problem, at least for all metallic objects.

#9 best gifts for elderly women: sound enhancement speakers


4176 1231 9.0

Ok, this next item is probably one of our favorite gadgets for elderly people in 2022.

Gone are the days having to put the TV volume at 1000, resulting in the neighbors being able to follow your show as well.

The Chair Speaker is a handy audio system that can be placed on the couch to offer sound enhancement only where it’s needed.

#8 best gifts for elderly women: moon night light


7491 1570 9.0

Add a touch of dreamy coziness to any room with this lovely moonlight.

The details of the lunar’s surface are quite impressive and get accentuated even more when the light is turned on.

The lamp comes presented on a simple yet modern wooden frame.

#7 best gifts for elderly women: deluxe window bird feeder


4017 495 9.1

Isn’t relaxing on your porch and watching the little birds one of those classic retirement dreams?

Well, with this deluxe feeder all the birds in a 10-mile radius will be tempted to stop by and enjoy a little snack in style.

The feeder can be easily installed on the window sill or you can just put on any flat surface.

#6 best gifts for elderly women: gourmet cookie gift basket


2823 997 9.1

Most elderly women do love a tasty snack throughout the day.

This premium gift basket offers a wide range of delicious gourmet cookies by OhNuts.

The cookies are beautifully arranged in a deluxe box and finished with a cute bow tie.

#5 best gifts for elderly women: emergency flashlight


9561 3404 9.2

What to do when your 65+ and suddenly the power goes out?

For these people, just stumbling around in the dark trying to find the fuse box or a flashlight is nothing short of a perillous adventure.

This emergency flashlight is specifically designed to be easily accessible and to instantly provide ample lighting when needed. Just plug it into a power socket right next to your bed.

#4 best gifts for elderly women: beautiful butterfly glass cup


18734 8497 9.3

Why drink a nice cup of coffee or tea from an ordinary mug when you can enjoy it in bohemian style?

This lovely masterpiece is made by artisans and finished with an intricate butterfly design.

A great gift for elderly women who already have everything!

#3 best gifts for elderly women: easy glasses cleaner


21304 10934 9.3

We enter the top 3 of our list of best gifts for elderly women with a simple yet very useful gadget.

Cleaning one’s glasses has never been so easy thanks to the Peeps cleaner.

It is designed to easily & thoroughly clean each glass, without leaving marks or scratches.

#2 best gifts for elderly women: cheeky granny cussword puzzle


29306 12585 9.4

Does your grandmother secretly have a wicked sense of humor?

Then you are bound to crack her up with this next gift.

This hilarious book features a ton of crossword puzzles filled with dirty words.

#1 best gifts for elderly women: large screen calendar & clock


44596 17752 9.5

At the very top of our list of best gifts for elderly women, we find the large screen calendar & alarm clock.

According to research done by the NCBI, 40% of people above 65 years develop age-associated memory impairment, which equates to 16 million Americans.

Each device comes with a grand display for extra visibility and displays the time, date and day, along with options for multiple alarm settings.

bonus gift for elderly women: lifevac


44596 17752 9.5

Before we go, we want to share one more lifesaving gift for elderly couples.

Did you know that elderly people are more likely to choke on a piece of food?

However, grandma probably does not have the physical force anymore to perform the ‘Heimlich maneuver’ on grandpa. LifeVac is a patented life-saving device that is proven to be the most effective way to help an elderly during a choking emergency, and requires only little force.

What is the best birthday gift for an elderly woman?


The best birthday gifts for elderly women are sentimental items that show how much you care about her or those that remind her about important people or moments in her life.

Any item with a touching message will do the trick. A pendant, wall art, or even just a moving card, she’ll appreciate it all.

Another classic sentimental birthday gift for elderly women is a framed picture of the grandchildren. Although perhaps a simple gift, she will cherish it and keep it closeby on her nightstand or dresser.

For extra points, show her you did your research and give her a gift related to an important person or occasion in her past. A photo album or scrapbook is a great example. But you can also go more creative and find items with a more creative connection to a memory that means a lot to her.

Finally, and probably most importantly, the best birthday gift for any elderly woman is you! Be there on her birthday and spend some time with her.

What are great gifts for elderly women in nursing homes?


Right of the bat, the most important gift you can give an elderly woman in a nursing home is a visit.

That’s right, most senior citizens suffer from loneliness while residing in a retirement home. That is why just spending some time with them will already mean the world to them.

That being said, while you’re there you can, of course, also bring a thoughtful gift.

To avoid loneliness when you leave again, a companion stuffed animal or some activity games for seniors can be great gift ideas.

Alternatively, a nice gift basket is also highly appreciated by nursing home residents. Go for a deluxe gift box filled with some gourmet treats or sentimental items that will warm her heart.

Finally, you can never go wrong with giving a woman a useful gift that will make her stay at the retirement home more comfortable. Examples are the easy glasses cleaner, the comfy slippers, and the pocket magnifying glass mentioned above.

How to make a perfect gift basket for an elderly woman?


What needs to be in the perfect gift basket for an elderly woman depends on the recipient and what kind of message you are trying to send via your gift.

Firstly, you have to keep in consideration what type of person you are dealing with. Some women are severely picky and have specific tastes while others are generally all-rounders and have no particular preferences. If you don’t know the person in question will enough yourself, check with her family and friends.

Do you want to impress a beauty enthusiastic woman with some of the best, natural body nourishing products available? Take a look at the Burt’s Bees care basket in this case.

Similarly, if she has a sweet tooth a gourmet gift basket will probably be well appreciated.

Secondly, think about the gift-giving occasion and what kind of message you are trying to convey.

For specific celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries make sure the content is festive and ideally related to her passions and interests.

If you’re just giving her a gift basket for a random visit, fill it with sentimental or comical items. This will warm her heart and cheer her up.

Finally, as winters are tough on the elderly, why not give them an all-care package to make sure they are set to take on the cold? Have a look at the positive energy gift basket for elderly women above. It has all the essentials to make someone’s winter pleasant and cozy.

What are great gift ideas for elderly women in the hospital?


Are you looking for great gifts for elderly women that are in the hospital?

We made a separate article about the best gifts for someone who just had surgery.

This list is filled with useful, funny, and heart-warming gifts that will help the senior citizen in your life get better as soon as possible.

Looking For More Gift Ideas For Elderly Ladies?

We hope you find this list of best gifts for elderly women useful, and you are now set to surprise a loved senior citizen with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Also, check out our listicles on gifts for people suffering from dementia & gifts for people with anxiety.


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