Top 15 Great Sentimental Gifts for Her

Are you considering any sentimental gifts for her?

This is an excellent idea! More than 9 out of 10 women agree this would be a great gift. 

In fact, sentimental gifts rank amongst the highest in the surveys we conducted among women.

Bottom line? If you get it right, a sentimental gift is one of the best gifts to give her!

And in this top 15 list below we are going to show you some of the best sentimental gifts for her in 2019.

Let’s jump right in!

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#15 Great Sentimental Gifts for Her: Silver Heart Locket

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We start this list of great sentimental gifts for her with a classic, the locket.

Whether she is your girlfriend, wife or mom, she will absolutely love receiving this beautiful silver sterling locket.

It has an intricate floral design, studded with shimmering little diamonds. Inside, there is place for 2 small photographs, so she will be able to keep those important to her close to her heart wherever she goes.

#14 Great Sentimental Gifts for her: personalized cookie jar

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A simple gift, yet one that holds tremendous sentimental value for a mom or grandmother is this personalized cookie jar.

You can customize the print with any title, and add up to 15 different names.

This lovely cookie jar will receive a prominent place in her home, and will always be filled with delicious treats for in case her loved ones pass by.

#13 Great Sentimental Gifts for Her: A High Quality engraved Bamboo Coaster

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Add key events or any other sentimental message on these stylish handmade bamboo coasters.

Whenever she will use them she will be reminded of you in a very positive way!

Select the year or date of a key event, like your marriage or the date you first met and complete it with her name or both of your names if you are a couple.

You can select how many coasters you want as they sell them in sets of 2, 4 & 8.


#12 Great Sentimental Gifts for her: Engraved Rose Bracelet

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Women already love jewelry. But make your gift even more special by adding a personal, engraved message in your own handwriting!

You can choose the length of the bracelet as well as the color. Check if she is a fan of the trendy rose gold, otherwise, go for regular gold or silver.

Unlike other engraved jewelry, a deep cut is applied so it is the perfect sentimental gift for everyday wearing! 


#11 Great Sentimental Gifts for Her: Nest Egg Necklace

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The perfect sentimental gift for moms.

This pretty necklace holds small eggs inside, one for each child (up to 4). This way she is reminded of her beloved children wherever she goes.

This is a beautifully designed hand-crafted piece is a warm gift for any woman who has kids or who is expecting. She will love it and cherish it for a long time! 

#10 Great Sentimental Gifts for Her: Long Distance Lamp

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Whether you are across town or in another part of the world, you can let her know you are thinking of her with this set of 2 or more lamps.

When you turn one on with a simple touch of the hand, all the lamps emit the same ambient glow, no matter where they are.

This is a great sentimental gift and a reminder of a loved one, as well as a conversation piece.

#9 Great Sentimental gifts for her: Geometric Wire Photo Frame

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You want to gift her that memorable and meaningful picture of you two?

Then do it in a stylish and trendy way with this beautiful copper prisma wire frame.

She will absolutely love this frame, as your selected picture will seemingly float between the glass & metal. This sentimental gift for her will look cool from every angle!

#8 Great Sentimental Gifts for her: Vintage Quartz Jewelry Box

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#7 Great Sentimental Gifts for Her: family rules wall sign

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One of our favorite sentimental gifts for moms is this personalized family rules wall sign.

She will be able to hang this sign in her kitchen or living room and be reminded constantly of her loving family.

Regarding the family rules, you can get serious, creative, or even funny. What would your mom like?

#6 Great Sentimental Gifts for Her: engraved garden stone

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Perhaps there is no room in the house for a sign, or maybe she loves spending time in her garden?

In these cases a sentimental garden stone could be a great gift for her.

Add the names of loved ones as well as a variety of symbols to create a unique and meaningful item for any garden.

#5 Great Sentimental Gifts for Her: A Where It all began personalized pillow

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A nice way to remember a key event is with this soft pillow with personalized message.

Define in 25 characters where it all began & the pillow will help you remember the anniversary date forever. 

It’s a simple but very thoughtful sentimental gift that she will love!

#4 Great Sentimental Gifts for Her: A Diamond and Pearl Necklace with a key personal date

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Give her a beautiful necklace that also reminds her of key date in your relationship.

Made of sterling silver with a white freshwater pearl and 5 diamonds.

Personalize the tag with any date that represents a special occasion or milestone. This could be your wedding date, the day you met her or another important day in her life.

#3 Great Sentimental Gifts For: Now We Have It All Puzzle Set

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A creative and original way to frame and give photos of key memories and people in her life.

Add as many puzzle pieces as you see fit, and play with the different sizes and shapes to create a one-of-a-kind collage.

Especially if she has kids she is bound to just love this unique and sentimental gift.

The craftsmanship of each puzzle piece is exceptional!

#2 Great Sentimental Gifts: Picture Frame With Key Dates

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Immortalize the key dates in your relationship by literally framing them on the wall.

You can choose the background color as well as the number of dates you wish to add.

It’s an elegant way to celebrate your families milestones. The simplicity and elegance make it a perfect anniversary or Valentine’s day gift. 


#1 Great Sentimental Gifts For her: birthstone bow necklace

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As far as sentimental value goes, there probably won’t be any occasion more emotional for a woman than the birth of her first child.

That is why at the top of our list of great sentimental gifts for her we have this beautiful birthstone bow necklace.

You can choose the gem or gems added to the bow based on the month the child was born. No worries, the platform helps you identify which ones this should be. A piece of exquisite craftsmanship that she will cherish forever!


How do I choose the right sentimental gifts for her?

The best sentimental gifts are those that hold a special meaning for her. These items remind her of important people or moments in her life.

The most popular categories of sentimental gifts for her are:

  • Engraved jewelry: rings, bracelets or necklaces holding a personalized message. This message can be a date, a name, a place, or whatever else remind her of a key person or moment in her life.
  • Lockets: a necklace that secretly holds a picture of the someone dear in her life. On the outside, this gift looks like a normal necklace, but on the inside is secret treasure of immense sentimental value to her.
  • Photo frames: a simple gift, yet one with very clear sentimental value. As a tip, do try to look for an original frame to make the gift more special.
  • Other personalized items:
  • finally, you can also take pretty much any item she needs or tends to use a lot (a pillow, mug, jewelry box, etc) and add a meaningful and personalized message. The possibilities to make items into sentimental gifts for her are endless.

What are the best sentimental gifts for moms?

The best sentimental gifts for moms are those that remind her of her children. Preferably, these are gifts that she can carry with her at all times, or that she can prominently display in her home. Examples of great sentimental gifts for moms are:

What are the best sentimental gifts for girlfriends?

The best sentimental gifts for girlfriends are those that show her she is an important part of your life, and that tell her you truly treasure your relationship. Very popular and well-appreciated items include engraved jewelry and gadgets that will constantly remind her of how much you love her (such as a long distance love lamp or a personalized messenger device).

For more sentimental gift ideas for her, you can also check out our list of top personalized gifts for women.

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

Hope you find this list of great sentimental gifts for her useful and you are now set to surprise her with an original and meaningful gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you would like to subscribe to our gift reminder mailing list you can click the button or if you just like to see more gift ideas for her just click that button.


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