Top 10 Useful Gifts & Work Gadgets for Her

She won’t like a work related gift, right?

Think again! We talked to over 2000 women and almost 7 out of 10 would like a useful gift or work gadget.

Bottom line? She spends 60% of her time at work. Giving her a thoughtful & useful gift is appreciated!

No worries, we already did the work for you and gather the very best useful gifts & work gadgets in the top 10 list below.

Let’s have a look at the list.

Title Infographic for our top 10 useful gifts & work gadgets for women

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#10 useful gifts & work gadgets for her: Silk Scarf by Kate Spade

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A silk scarf is the shortcut to chic and there’s no wrong way to wear it.

This beautiful silk scarf by Kate Spade looks good on the neck, tied around the wrist, in your hair, or even as an accent to your new It bag.

She will look fashionable during any presentation or meeting or work.

#9 useful gifts & work gadgets for her: Lipstick sized power bank

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When she is at work she probably will use her mobile device quite extensively.

As she will not be able to plug it in a power socket at any time, this beautiful & trendy power bank will definitely come in handy!

Anker’s premium power bank might be the useful gift for her this Christmas!

#8 useful gifts & work gadgets for her: Tile Pro Keyring Finder

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Is the woman you are buying for constantly losing her keys, phone or handbag?

Then you will save her a lot of frustration each morning before work with this Tile bluetooth tracking device.

She can use it in two ways: or she attaches the tile to the item she tends to lose (f.e. keys), and with her phone she can make it ring. Or, if she rather loses her phone, she can tap the tile to make her phone ring.

#7 useful gifts & work gadgets for her: Dior Makeup Palette

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A quick makeup touch up during the day is something most women do.

Thanks to this very stylish lipstick & eye palette case from Dior she will always look her best during any meeting or presentation.

It is portable, fashionable, and holds everything she needs for a quick touch up.

#6 useful gifts & work gadgets for her: Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

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A nice accessory for her work outfit is a great idea for a gift.

For example this beautiful and trendy rose gold watch from Michal Kors which will add that finishing touch to any work or leisure outfit.

It is a piece of breathtaking jewelry that is bound to be a big success, whether given as a Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift.

#5 useful gifts & work gadgets: furla business card holder

9665 1349 8.7

When meeting clients she of course cannot be messing around her purse or wallet trying to find her business cards.

With this trendy green business card case her cards will be able to present mint-condition cards in style.

A very useful work gadget that is often overlooked!

#4 useful gifts & travel gadgets: Kate Spade Travel Jewelry Box

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Does she travel a lot?

Kate Spade New York’s black dot travel jewelry organizer case will ensure that her favorite jewelry items are safely packaged in style, without getting entangled.

Whether she is travelling for work or for leisure, this organizer is a trendy must have accessory!

#3 useful gifts & work gadgets: Bentheaven Lunch Box

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Her colleagues will be jealous of her BentoHeaven lunch box from the first moment they see it.

Fresh, functional and modern design rooted in minimalist Japanese bento traditions, that will enable her to enjoy her favorite meals at work every day.

The lunch box has separate compartments, and even comes with cute matching cutlery!

#2 useful gifts & work gadgets: Sony Noise Cancelling Ear Buds

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We’ve all been there, trying to concentrate at work to finish that import report, yet there is just too much noise around.

With these invisible noise cancelling earbuds she can finish her work in peace, without people even noticing.

Trust us, she’ll thank you for this very useful work gadget.

#1 useful gifts & work gadgets for her: Laptop Sleeve by Wouf

6659 1312 9.2

Like the tagline of the brand says, this trendy laptop sleeve is “simply awesome”.

Available in a wide variety of prints, she will simply love one of these hip laptop sleeves from one of the hottest accessory brands of the moment, called Wouf.

A useful work gift that allows her to protect her laptop in style.

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