25+ Pamper & Relaxation Gifts For Her
[2022 Review]

Who doesn’t like a little pampering?

The women participating in our survey definitely do! 8 out 10 consider this a great gift and more than 50% would love it!

Bottom line? If you want to spoil a women, pamper & relaxation gifts are the way to go!

And in this top 26 list, you will find great ideas on how you can turn her home into a little spa.

Are you ready to give her the perfect pamper & relaxation gift? Let’s check the list!

Title Infographic for our top 26 pamper & relaxation gifts for her

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By: Jess, Updated 10/11/2021

#26 relaxation gifts for her: Home Spa Gift Basket

1609 574 8.0

We kick off this list of pamper & relaxation gifts for her with a gift basket that will turn her home into a spa.

This relaxing at Home Spa Kit scented includes lavender & jasmine scented bath bombs, salts, shower gel, body butter lotion, bath oil, bubble bath, and more.

To finish it off, the whole comes presented in a cute & luxurious little bathtub.

#25 pampering gifts for women: Dead Sea Mud Mask

3043 983 8.0

A mud mask is an all-time classic when it comes to face & body treatments.

The unique formula of this dead sea mineral mud will gently purify & cleanse clogged pores.

The gentle exfoliation process will remove toxins, dead skins cells, and will make her skin feel soft & rejuvenated.

#24 relaxation gifts for her: Light Therapy Lamp

941 393 8.1

Light therapy has been clinically proven to help improve your mood and reset your circadian rhythm to improve sleep.

You can customize the light intensity on this lamp based on your preferences and comfort levels.

One of our absolute bestselling pamper & relaxation gifts for her.

#23 relaxation gifts for women: Luxury Bath Tray

4953 1093 8.1

With this luxury bathtub tray she will be able to completely relax with all her items hand.

It is made of high-quality bamboo and is specifically designed to fit most bathtubs.

Tip: a great complementary relaxation gift is this luxurious bathtub pillow.

#22 gifts to relax for her: Musical Sleep Mask

15223 5084 8.1

It can be hard to relax with all the noise and light from the world around you.

This cushy mask blocks light and will play her favorite slumberland soundtrack.

A relaxation gift that women can use at home or when on the go.

#21 relaxation gifts for her: Wine Soap

1123 355 8.2

Our next pamper & relaxation gift will turn her day-to-day wake-up routine into happy hour.

These artisanal soap bars blend notes from popular red merlot wine varieties with complementary scents and oils.

The result is a sublimely scented soap that bears the distinctive shades and subtle fragrances of the vino that inspired it.

#20 gifts to relax for her: Neck Hammock

6448 2188 8.2

This neck hammock is a great gift for women who suffer from a stiff neck & shoulder area.

It gently stretches the neck and decompresses the spinal cord, which improves the blood circulation and oxygenates the muscles, resulting in pain relief and increased mobility.

If she uses this relaxation gift for about 10 to 15 minutes before bed she will sleep better than ever before.

#19 relaxation gifts for women: Orbit Eyes Stones

14985 4775 8.2

Made from Finnish bedrock that is more than two billion years old, these stone disks will bring instant relief to tired eyes.

Whether she spends a lot of time behind the computer, had a late night, or is just suffering from allergies, these stones will do the trick.

Recommended if you are looking for affordable pamper & relaxation gifts for women.

#18 Pampering gift sets: Coco Rose Hydration Trio

25945 7404 8.2

We can’t have a list of pamper & relaxation gifts for her without adding a hydration set.

This limited-edition trio of luxurious rose and coconut products will nourish and hydrate her skin.

Coco Rose is particularly popular as it contains a highly moisturizing and gently exfoliating blend of virgin coconut oil and delicately floral rose to leave skin soft and hydrated.

#17 pampering gift sets for women: Relaxation Gift Basket

3457 1045 8.3

For those who of you who aren’t good a deciding and can’t pick one of the many great pamper & relaxation gifts for her in this list, we presented the complete gift basket.

Inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of long therapeutic soaks in an outdoor spa, this basket contains all the goodies she needs to properly relax.

Eucalyptus shampoo and conditioners, herbal lotions, an exfoliating loofa sponge, massaging brushes, shower gel, and deep-cleansing soaps for the face and body, all presented in a keepsake spa bucket.

#16 Relaxation gifts for women: Neck Massager

5988 1894 8.3

Another classic that just had to be included in our list pamper & relaxation gift for her is the neck massager.

We chose this particular one as it simply is the best.

Don’t believe us? Just check out the 10K reviews on the product page!

#15 gifts to relax for women: Acupressure Mat

7833 2495 8.4

This relaxation gift for her is inspired by the ancient Indian theory of acupressure.

According to the theory, the body is lined with “pressure points” which, when stimulated, release natural pain-relieving hormones.

So that is exactly what this mat is designed to do…

#14 Pampering Gift sets for women: Luxury Skincare Set

5911 1870 8.5

Nothing shouts pampering as much as a luxury skincare gift set.

One look at this exquisite set by Estée Lauder and you immediately get why we chose it to be part of our top pamper & relaxation gifts for women.

This lovely little bag holds a collection of unique products that help provide extraordinary regeneration for your complexion, and make your skin feel completely rejuvenated.

#13 gift to relax for women: Lavender Heat Pillow

10125 3066 8.5

Instead of cotton stuffing, this luxurious pillow is filled with locally-sourced lavender, clay beads & a hint of peppermint.

Heat it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and rest your head in a sea of comfort & sensorial delight.

Enjoy the muscle-relaxing warmth, while the lavender greets your senses with a calming scent.

#12 Pampering Gifts for women: Professional Massage

16090 3945 8.6

If we are going to make a list of top pamper & relaxation gifts for her, we need to include the professional massage.

Spafinder is an incredible platform which allows you to book a specific treatment near her home.

Alternatively, you can also give her a day at the wellness. Either way, she’ll love it!

#11 Pamper & Relaxation gift sets for women: Exfoliation Set

19405 6611 8.6

When it comes to pampering the body, women just love a good exfoliation.

And this gift set holds all the tools she needs to give herself a head to toe glow.

As there aren’t many sets on the market like it, this is one of the pamper & relaxation gifts for her we recommend if you think she already has everything.

#10 Pamper & Relaxation Gifts for her: Bath Bombs Gift Set

2004 693 8.7

After a hard day of work, she will want to take a long and relaxing bath.

With these 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs she can do so with bright colors and soothing fragrances.

Not only have these handcrafted bath bombs a therapeutic and moisturizing effect, but they will also transform her entire bathroom in a zen place that will smell amazing! A perfect relaxation gift for her.

#9 Pamper & Relaxation Gifts for her: Best Selling Sleeping Mask

4875 1505 8.7

With this best-selling, antioxidant-packed hydrating sleeping mask she can completely recover from a long day while she sleeps.

This anti-fatigue face mask quickly melts into the skin, significantly protecting against water loss, leaving the skin intensely moisturized.

Upon waking up, her skin will feel nourished and look fresher & well-rested.

#8 Pamper & Relaxation Gifts for her: Comfy loungewear Set

13945 4851 8.8

When she comes home she can immediately slip into something more comfortable with this stylish Jogger, made from insanely soft organic cotton and breathable bamboo.

It is designed to be as comfy as it is fashionable and packaged in a pretty little travel bag.

This jogger set is so soft and comfortable that it will become in no time her favorite pajamas or loungewear. She would wear them daily if she could.

#7 Pamper & Relaxation Gifts for her: Essential Oil Diffuser

19844 6784 8.8

This lovely, handcrafted aromatherapy diffuser is designed to softly stream essential-oil-infused steam into her home.

A stylish relaxation gift for her home that will lift her mood or simply add a natural scent to her living space.

It has a sleek, minimal design, is easy to clean, and functions silently. the Asakuki will seamlessly blend in with her decor.

Combine this gift with a premium Essential Oils Set!

#6 Pamper & Relaxation gifts for her: Ugg Scuffette Slippers

22565 6743 8.8

With these ultra comfy yet stylish slippers from UGG she can treat her feet to a world of cosiness the moment she gets home.

Made from high-quality Australian leather, these slippers are bound to relax her feet after a stressful day.

The fleece is luxurious and the suede is extremely soft. These slide-in slippers are the perfect pamper & relaxation gift for her.

Tip: for even more comfort take a 1/2 size up.

#5 Pamper & Relaxation Gifts: Ugg Women's Blanche

15890 5540 8.9

Let her truly relax in the comfort of her home with this stylish and soft robe from UGG.

Great to start mornings, to wear in the evening after a hot shower, or any moment in between!

This robe is very soft, warm and comfortable, yet breathable and very flattering. She will love this relaxation gift so much that she’ll recommend it to her family and friends as well!

#4 Pamper & Relaxation Gifts: Suede Scented Candle

28744 9843 9.0

With this Peony & Blush Suede Scented Candle she will be able to completely transform the atmosphere in the room.

Jo Malone’s scented candles never disappoint. It’s a beautiful candle, soft scent & elegant. The scent remains until the very end. It’s a luxury candle that is worth every penny.

It comes presented in a signature box tied with a ribbon, which makes it one of our favorite pamper & relaxation gifts for her!

#3 Pamper & Relaxation Gifts: Stuffed Handmade Genuine Leather Moroccan Pouf

3234 945 9.2

Time to let her put her feet up and relax on this stuffed handmade genuine leather Moroccan Pouf that is available in different shades.

This high-quality pouf is the real deal! Unlike cheaper ones, this pouf can be seen as a real piece of furniture, not just an accent piece.

It’s not overly heavy, and it will be a very comfortable footrest for her!

#2 Pamper & Relaxation Gifts: Shea Moisture Exfoliation Hand & Body Scrub

32155 12752 9.3

Nothing will invigorate her like making her skin soft and gentle while smelling delightful.

This Organic Hand & Body scrub with Argan oil and rich in Vitamin E will gently exfoliate her skin, making it soft, moist and gentle while smelling delightful.

It’s a great pamper & relaxation gift during winter months, but it is also appreciated throughout the rest of the year.

#1 Relaxation Gifts for her: Snow Giraffe Faux Fur with Sherpa Back Throw Blanket

7831 2344 9.5

After she has treated herself to a full-body pampering with her favorite creams and oils, she will want to snuggle up in a silky soft and warm blanket.

She will absolutely adore this luxury faux fur blanket with unique “snow giraffe” design.

It’s delightfully soft and cozy, perfect for wrapping up with a cup of tea and a good book.



Bonus Relaxation Gifts for her: wine wand

10924 5575 9.5

If she is going to spend the day pampering herself, then she might as well enjoy a glass of wine while doing it.

Thanks to this revolutionary gadget all sulfites (the substance in wine that causes headaches) are drawn from wine in her glass.

Thanks to the Wine Wand she can enjoy her wine without having to worry about nasty headaches the following day!


How do I choose the right pamper & relaxation gifts for her?

The first thing you will want to do is ask yourself what kind of pamper & relaxation products she likes to use. In case you don’t know by heart, have a look around the bathroom and see what kind of products are there.

If you notice she already has a body scrub, you can surprise her with a very premium brand she wouldn’t buy for herself.

Alternatively, if she seems to like a certain brand, give her a gift basket holding several pamper & relaxation gifts from that specific brand. Mix in some products or scents she doesn’t have yet, she will love to try them out!

Should I give one or several pamper & relaxation gifts?

Both options are well-appreciated, but perhaps some tips to keep in mind when shopping for pamper & relaxation gifts:

  • When you are thinking of buying her a full-sized pamper & relaxation product, make sure that either she already uses the brand, or you did the research and know that this product is very popular and loved.
  • When choosing a brand she already uses, it’s a great idea to go for a different scent. She will love to try a new version of her beloved product.
  • Also gift baskets filled with several pamper & relaxation gifts are a big hit. Especially when you are less familiar with her preferences, there is a higher chance she will like at least one of the products in the basket.
  • A great pamper & relaxation gift basket is this collection by Clarins.

Are pamper & relaxation gifts a good idea for new moms?


After 9 months of suffering carrying that baby around, followed by probably the most painful experience in her life, she deserves not one but several pamper & relaxation gifts to soothe her poor exhausted body.

On top, most gifts she & her husband will receive after the baby is born are either baby-related, or small gifts for him. That is why giving her a small pamper & relaxation gift might just make you her new favorite friend or relative.

If you are looking for more great tips when it comes to buying for new moms, as well as discover the top pamper & relaxation gifts that any mom would love to receive, check out this post on what gifts new moms really want.

Looking for More Pampering Gifts For Women?

Hope you find all these pamper & relaxation gifts for her useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you would like to see more gift ideas for her perhaps check out our list of best beauty & makeup gift sets for her. Alternatively, you might want to give her something truly luxurious this year?


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