Top 10 Princess Gifts For 5 Year Olds

Looking for princess gifts for 5 year olds? We have compiled a list of the 10 best princess gifts for 5-year-olds that will be super liked. Check them out:

Princess Gifts For 5 Year Olds

10. Princess Castle Play Tent – One of the Best Princess gifts for 5 year Olds

Princess Castle Play Tent

This is a spacious Princess Castle Play Tent with beautiful twinkle star LED lights.

Your princess can put her toys inside the castle and have fun.

It is easy to install and the instructions are provided.

The price point is reasonable compared to some of the other similar products.

9. Pretty Princess Board Game

Pretty Princess Board Game

This is a fun game for little girls. It is easy to learn, and your princess will enjoy playing it with her siblings.

The jewelry pieces are provided and do the job.

For the price, it is a great gift that will keep the girls engaged and entertained.

8. Unicorn Music Box & Jewelry Set

Unicorn Music Box &Amp; Jewelry Set

When your princess opens this box, a Unicorn tone would start playing.

And inside the box are two jewelry items – a unicorn bracelet, and a unicorn necklace.

It has a decent amount of space on top, and below that there is a small drawer.

This Unicorn Music Box & Jewelry Set is reasonably priced, and a great gift for little girls.

7. Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

It includes 5 Disney Princess Rubber Character charms, 150 beads, and 4 silicone necklaces.

You can use your creativity and create different designs over and over again.

There is a plastic carrying case so after you’re done playing, you can store all the items easily.

Kids will have a fun time experimenting and it will keep them engaged.

It’s a playful gift and economically priced.

6. Disney Princess Matching Game

Disney Princess Matching Game

There’s a lot of variety in colors, pictures, and themes on the cards which makes this matching game more fun and easy to play.

It has 72 picture tiles which mean 36 matching pairs.

The picture tiles feature Disney princesses including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jasmine, and others.

This game will help develop kids’ critical skills like focus, memory, and concentration.

It’s a great gift, and low-priced.

5. Disney Princess Wooden Stamp Set

Disney Princess Wooden Stamp Set

It is a cute little princess wooden stamp set that includes 9 stamps, a 2-color inkpad, and 5 colored pencils.

There is a storage box too.

It is a quality product and for a reasonable price.

Your daughter will stay busy coloring and using the princess-themed stamps.

4. Princess Themed Arts and Crafts

Princess Themed Arts And Crafts

This 3-in-1 Princess-themed box includes a bright pink cape, sparkling tiara, and magic wand.

This box encourages children to use their creativity and imagination.

It’s a perfect gift for little girls and fairly priced as well.

3. Barbie Baby Doctor Playset

Barbie Baby Doctor Playset

Little girls love to play doctor. This Barbie doll doctor playset includes two babies and one Barbie doctor.

The Barbie is dressed as a doctor with a pink-colored stethoscope. There is an examining table for the Barbie to examine and take care of the two infants.

It’s a playful and imaginative playset. Your little princess will love it!

2. Princess Castle Magnetic Tiles

Princess Castle Magnetic Tiles

This is an educational and fun gift. Kids will learn about problem-solving, and color recognition, and it will help boost their creativity and imagination.

It has 53 pieces with different geometrical shapes so it will also help the kid learn about geometry.

If you want your kid to develop critical skills and stay engaged away from the screen, this is a good choice.

1. Barbie Doll With Different Outfits & Characters

Barbie Doll With Different Outfits Charac

This Barbie doll set features different outfits and characters.

You can dress the Barbie as a mermaid, or a princess, or a fairy.

5-year-old girls will love to use their imagination and play with all three characters by dressing the Barbie accordingly.

The costumes and clothing accessories are provided, and for the price point, it is economical.

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

We hope you find this list of top 10 Princess gifts for 5-year-olds useful. Surprise your daughter or niece with the best gift you have ever given him or her which she will remember for life. If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Well, you might want to have a look at the best gifts for 5-year-olds, and the 47 best Pokémon gifts for kids and adults.

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