54 Best Gifts For Doctors

So you are looking for the best gifts for doctors?

Then you have come to the right place!

Whether you need thank you gifts, graduation gifts, Christmas gifts, or retirement gifts for doctors, we have it all.

The best gifts for doctors are useful, unique, or funny items that will help with the job or serve as doctor’s office decorations.

Nurse, give this man some aspirin because this list of 50+ best gifts for doctors is about to blow his mind!

Best Gifts For Doctors

In this article you will find:

54. Personalized Doctor Bobblehead

Personalized Doctor Bobblehead

We start our ultimate list of best gifts for doctors with a hilarious item.

Give the doctor in your life his or her own personalized bobblehead!

A truly unique Christmas, graduation, or retirement gift for doctors!

53. Folded Book Art

Personalized Folded Book Art

Another route is to go for unique doctor’s office gifts.

Each book is personalized by artistically folding a name into the page.

A truly unique gift that will immediately become a centerpiece in a doctor’s office or waiting room.

52. Doctor Shot Glasses

Doctor Shot Glasses

These hysterical shot glasses are one of our most popular graduation gifts for doctors.

After all that hard work, a new doctor deserves to celebrate with a drink from a fitting glass.

These prescription shooters are bound to be an instant hit at any graduation party.

51. Art Of Diagnosis

Art Of Diagnosis

This book is an amazing gift and a must-read for anyone in the medical field.

The writer, Dr. Lisa Sanders, is a Yale School of Medicine physician and author of the monthly New York Times Magazine column “Diagnosis,” which was the inspiration for the hit TV series House, M.D.

The book revolutionizes figuring out medical challenges by combining the art and humanity of medicine with recognizing the benefits of technology.

50. Anatomy Magnet Set

Anatomy Magnet Set

If you’re looking for unique stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts for doctors check out this original magnet set.

Set 6 consists of 1.5” anatomy-themed magnets.

The magnets come beautifully packaged in a quality tin box, ready for gift-giving.

49. Doctor Business Card Holder

Doctor Business Card Holder

In this list, we will cover several popular graduation gifts for doctors, and this first one is a classic.

This high-quality steel business card holder is handmade, and a useful gift for any new doctor.

It proudly features the medical caduceus and fits a standard business card perfectly.

48. Scanmarker Pen

Scanmarker Pen

To stay up to speed with the latest developments in the medical field, doctors read a lot.

That is why this little gadget is one of the most useful gifts for doctors on our list.

A reader can use it just like a marker, but instead of marking a passage, this device will scan it and send it directly to a computer, tablet, or phone!

47. Thank You Gift Notebook

Doctor Thank You Gift Notebook Unsmushed

When it comes to little thank you gifts for doctors, you can never go wrong with a notebook.

But this lovely notebook also features a touching message that any physician will appreciate.

Just read some of the touching reviews of how impactful such a simple thank you gift has been for actual doctors.

46. Doctor Graduation Bracelet

Doctor Graduation Bracelet

Bracelets make for great graduation gifts for female doctors.

And she will absolutely adore this bangle with two 14K gold medical-themed discs.

The main disc is engraved with a Caduceus symbol, the smaller one with a stethoscope.

45. Personalized Wine Gift

Personalized Wine

A bottle of wine is probably a stereotype when it comes to giving thank you gifts.

But whether a doctor just saved your life, or you are looking for a thoughtful Christmas present for a doctor friend or family member, you might want to add a little extra touch.

This beautiful wine gift doesn’t just offer great wine, it can also be personalized with a name and message.

44. Brain Art Poster

Brain Art Poster

Doctors love ornaments or gifts they can display in their office or waiting room.

This unique brain art poster will add a medical-themed yet stylish touch to any practice.

One of our favorite doctor’s office gifts!

43. Funny Keychain

Funny Doctor Keychain

This funny keychain is an absolute hit as a med school graduation gift.

However, it’s also a great Christmas gift idea for female doctors.

A witty little token that simultaneously compliments a women’s looks & profession.

42. Doctor Wars

Doctor Wars Unsmushed

No worries, you don’t need to have a medical degree to play Doctor Wars.

It’s a hilarious game that is fun to play with the whole family, and hence a great gift for doctors with children or grandchildren.

However, doctors do usually have to smile when they see the familiar lingo being used.

41. Saving Lives Makeup Bag

Saving Lives Makeup Bag

Female physicians will absolutely love this cute little makeup bag.

To the outside world, it just looks like a fancy little pouch, yet for her, it holds a secret little message.

Reading that message will make her smile and start the day full of confidence & energy.

40. Doctor Cufflink Set

Doctor Cufflinks Set

At No. 40 on our list of best gifts for doctors, we find a classic graduation gift for male doctors.

This high-quality set by the renowned brand Onyx Art London includes 3 separate pairs of cufflinks.

Each pair features a witty and original medical-themed design.

39. Doctor Baby Bodysuit

Doctor Baby Bodysuit Unsmushed

A doctor in your life is expecting and you’re looking for original baby shower gifts?

Then look no further!

This cute little doctor bodysuit and matching hat are just too adorable for words. The set is bound to be an instant hit at the baby shower!

38. Personalized Decanter Set

Personalized Decanter Set

This beautifully engraved decanter set is one of our favorite retirement gifts for doctors.

A gorgeous flask and matching glasses come presented in a personalized gift box.

You can go for the standard caduceus and name, or provide any other design yourself.

37. Stethoscope Pendant Necklace

Stethoscope Pendant Necklace

This gorgeous little necklace makes for a nice Christmas gift or graduation gift for female doctors.

It consists of a sterling silver infinity-loop stethoscope and a little rose gold heart.

The pendant comes presented in a lovely little gift box, ready to be given to that special physician in your life.

36. Personalized Surgeon Puzzle

Personalized Surgeon Puzzle

Next, we have a more unusual creative gift.

This wooden puzzle is handmade by a craftsman and features surgeon-themed puzzle pieces. It can also be personalized on the back.

Several doctors reported this being a great gift to entertain children while they wait in the waiting room.

35. Doctor Joke Book

Doctor Joke Book

We can’t claim to have the list of best gifts for doctors without talking doctor jokes!

In this book, Bob Phillips joins comic forces with cartoonist Jonny Hawkins to present one unforgettable dose of healthy humor.

This is probably one of our most frequently sold Christmas gifts for doctors.

34. Anatomy Coaster Set

Anatomy Coaster Set

This anatomy coaster set makes for a great small gift idea for doctors for Christmas.

The set holds 6 unique coasters with each a high-quality print of the human anatomy.

Recipients in the medical field seem to love it, just read the reviews.

33. Personalized Stethoscope Tag

Personalized Stethoscope Tag

For doctors & nurses who work in a hospital, it is easy to lose sight of their own stethoscope in all the commotion.

How to figure out which stethoscope belongs to who? They all look very similar…

Thanks to this lovely little personalized tag, that’s how!

32. Stethoscope Charm

Stethoscope Charm

For those physicians that feel the previous tag is too overt, we present this cute little stethoscope charm.

It is a small ring that is specifically designed to slide over a stethoscope’s neck.

An adorable little ornament that can be personalized with text and symbols.

31. Heartbeat Necklace

Heartbeat Necklace Unsmushed

This beautiful necklace gives a subtle wink to the recipient’s medical profession, without being intrusive.

It’s a perfect Christmas or graduation gift for female doctors.

The necklace comes in a cute little box so it’s easy to give as a gift.

30. Mario Doctor Office Gift

Doctor Mario Unsmushed

Is the doctor in your life a fan of video games?

Then you have to get him one of these cool Dr. Mario figurines!

An original doctor’s office gift that will probably get a premium spot on his desk.

29. Personalized Doctor Notepad

Personalized Doctor Notepad Unsmushed

Doctors love having a little notepad at hand, especially when they’re doing house calls.

This little useful gift can be personalized with a physician’s name or another short message.

The notepad is available in a wide variety of colors. So take your pick!

28. Otoscope Smartphone Camera

Otoscope Smartphone Camera

Next, on our list of best gifts for doctors, we have an interesting gadget that doctors can use on themselves.

A physician will try to diagnose himself whenever he has an ailment. But how can he check his ear canal?

With this nifty smartphone otoscope camera, that’s how!

27. Fitted Doctor’s Coat

Fitted Doctors Coat

Ever noticed a lab coat has zero finesse or style?

That is why female doctors everywhere absolutely love this fitted doctor’s coat.

Although they can be given to doctors of any age, these coats seem to be extremely popular graduation gifts.

26. Personalized Coat Hanger

Personalized Coat Hanger

And where to hang that doctor’s coat?

What about on a personalized coat hanger?

A unique personalized gift that can be customized with a doctor’s name or short message.

25. Brain Bookends

Brain Bookends

Have you ever seen a doctor’s office without shelves packed with books?

That is why an original set of bookends is a great gift idea for doctors of all ages.

If you’re buying for a more traditional doctor, you might also want to check out these more classic Marble Caduceus Bookends.

24. Personalized Doctor Cardholder

Personalized Doctor Card Holder

When it comes to personalized gifts for doctors, this cardholder & clock is probably a classic.

It’s not too big so it won’t take up too much desk space.

One of those gifts that any doctor loves to have on his or her desk.

23. Doctor Flash Drive

Doctor Flash Drive

Come on, this flash drive is just freaking hilarious!

Just like anyone else, a doctor will need a flash drive on a regular basis. And he or she will never lose this colorful little bad boy.

This is one of our favorite Christmas stocking stuffers for doctors!

22. Adult Coloring Book

Doctorlife Adult Coloring Book

Being a doctor can be tough. You have to work very long hours and your decisions literally can mean life or death.

That is why any gifts that will help a doctor blow off some steam will be highly appreciated.

This entertaining adult coloring book is filled with hilarious and recognizable moments of medical school, residency, and doctorhood.

21. Funny Doctor Mug

Funny Doctor Mug Unsmushed

We can’t have a list of best gifts for doctors without the stereotype funny doctor mug.

So here it is!

In this digital day & era where everyone is an expert on everything thanks to Google, this witty message is bound to make any doctor smile!

20. Doctor & Nurses Thank You Gift

Doctor Nurses Thank You Gift Unsmushed

Hospital patients are often thinking of getting their doctor a little thank you gift.

But don’t forget that for most procedures it’s a full team that is responsible for your treatment.

This little thank you gift takes this into account and is therefore often prominently displayed in a hospital breakroom, reception, or hallway.

19. Thank You Poem

Doctor Thank You Poem Unsmushed

This beautiful framed poem is often given either as a graduation or a thank you gift for doctors.

The touching words are enhanced with delicate, watercolor graphics.

The result is a treasured keepsake that any doctor would be proud to have on his shelf or desk.

18. The Sick Rose

The Sick Rose

The nineteenth century experienced an explosion of epidemics such as cholera and diphtheria. In this pre-color-photography era, accurate images were relied upon to teach students and aid diagnosis.

This book is a collection of bizarre and captivating images, including close-up details of cross-sections.

Although not something you might read yourself, doctors seem to love it!

17. Doctor’s Office Wall Art

Doctors Office Wall Art

Doctors love to receive little ornaments for their office or practice.

This set of vintage prints features elements of human anatomy as well as historical medical equipment.

A set consists of 6 unique prints, each one printed on premium-grade photo paper.

16. Personalized Yeti Tumbler

Personalized Yeti Tumbler

A doctor that works at a hospital can be called for an emergency at any moment.

That is why he will prefer putting his hot or cold drink in a tumbler to keep it warm or cool until he comes back.

By giving a doctor this useful personalized gift, he will also easily find his tumbler back!

15. Medical Doctor Necktie

Medical Doctor Necktie

Looking for retirement or graduation gifts for doctors?

This stylish navy blue necktie subtly features the medical caduceus.

Before you say this is too corny, have a look at the product reviews. Doctors seem to love it as a gift!

14. Caduceus Tie Clip

Caduceus Tie Pin Unsmushed

Another popular graduation gift for doctors is this caduceus tie clip.

A physician can’t have a necktie hanging on patients’ faces while he’s treating them.

That is why this tie clip is both a useful and unique gift.

13. STD Plush Gift Box

Std Plush Gift

Moving on to one of our bestselling funny gifts for doctors.

It’s an absolute pleasure watching the face of a doctor change as he or she moves from “aw, some cute plushies!” to “wait, are these STDs?”.

For those of you that aren’t buying a gag graduation gift for a college friend and need something for a more mature doctor, check out this version with Biohazard Microbes.

12. Stethoscope Travel Case

Stethoscope Travel Case

A stethoscope is an expensive piece of equipment.

So when a doctor is traveling or on route to a house call, it would be great if his or her stethoscope is properly protected.

Enter the opportunity for a useful gift! This travel case will keep the stethoscope safe while looking awesome in the process. Available in several colors.

11. Eyeglass Holder Doctor Statue

Eyeglasses Holder Doctor Statue

When a physician is examining a patient, he or she often needs to take off his or her glasses.

That is why this hilarious statue makes for a perfect doctor’s office gift.

Each statue is hand-carved from a piece of wood by an artisan.

10. Luxury Sleeping Pillow

Luxury Pillow

Ok, in this entire list, you will not find a more useful gift for doctors than this luxury sleeping pillow.


Because doctors usually have to work long hours, sometimes even several shifts in a row. As they will be missing a lot of sleep, a nice pillow will be an absolute luxury when they are finally able to get their heads down.

9. Medical Art Canvas Set

Medical Art Canvas Set

This beautiful set of medical-themed canvasses is one of our personal favorite doctor’s office gifts.

Each canvas offers a unique & colorful representation of a piece of human anatomy.

They are bound to add a unique touch to any doctor’s office or waiting room.

8. Medical Journal Subscription

New England Journal Of Medicine Journal

Physicians need to stay up to date with the latest developments in the medical field.

That is why a subscription to a medical journal can be a great gift idea for doctors.

The New England Journal Of Medicine is by far the most renowned medical journal. Any doctor would be thrilled to receive a subscription to it.

7. Personalized Doctor Tote Bag

Personalized Doctor Tote Bag

At No 7. on our list of best gifts for doctors, we have this cute tote bag.

Now she can carry all her stuff to work in a stylish bag that also proudly features her profession.

A lovely personalized gift for female doctors!

6. Monogrammed Doctor’s Briefcase

Personalized Doctors Briefcase

If you can spend a bit bigger, you might want to upgrade that tote bag to a premium monogrammed leather briefcase.

A fancy personalized gift for doctors, often given as a graduation or Christmas present.

This is a nice mid-tier case, but for those of you with deep pockets, we also want to mention the Pratt Vintage Luxury Briefcase.

5. Oath Of Hippocrates

Oath Of Hippocrates Statue

Entering the top 5 of the ultimate gift ideas for doctors, we have a little statue that deserves a place in any doctor’s office.

It represents the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, holding a scroll depicting his infamous oath.

Alternatively, you might also be interested in this larger Ancient Plaque that depicts the oath even more clearly.

4. Personalized Doctor Gift Pen

Personalized Doctor Gift Pen

A doctor can always use a nice pen to write his patient’s prescriptions.

And he or she is bound to treasure this premium pen that comes presented in a beautiful case.

Probably one of the most frequently bought personalized gifts for doctors, but also one that is appreciated each time.

3. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift Card

After saving lives all day long you would be tired too, right?

That is why at No. 3 on our list of best gifts for doctors we find a non-doctor-related gift idea.

With this Netflix gift card, a doctor will be able to sit back, relax, and just forget about work for a little while.

2. Rolls Royce Of Stethoscopes

Best Stethoscope

So every doctor probably already has a stethoscope, right?

And maybe they even a Littman, the best brand out there.

But probably they haven’t splurged and gotten themselves the absolute best Littman has to offer, the Rolls Royce of stethoscopes.

1. Doctor Thank You Card

Doctor Thank You Card

At the very top of our ultimate list of best gifts for doctors, we find … a simple thank you card.

That’s right!

In the end, doctors are doing what they do to help people. If you’re looking for a thank you gift, a simple card with some heartfelt words can mean the world to a hardworking physician.

What are the rules when it comes to giving thank you gifts to doctors? Can they accept gifts?

Officially, physicians are not allowed to accept expensive gifts, but smaller thank you gifts are accepted and often appreciated. However, in case you were treated in a hospital, you should give a little thank you gift that can be enjoyed by the whole medical staff.

Like most companies, hospitals have rules and guidelines for doctors not to accept any expensive gifts. This has to do with the legal liability of giving preferential treatment or other benefits due to bribery.

But this usually excludes smaller thank you gifts.

The best thank you gift you can ever give a doctor is a small Card With Some Heartfelt Words. This might sound surprising to you, but most doctors keep those cards and look back at them for cheering up on rough days. In hospitals, patients’ thank you cards are often hung in coffee rooms or hallways for the full staff to see.

If you were treated in a hospital, don’t forget about the larger team. Your doctor was in charge of your treatment, but don’t forget there were probably also nurses, technicians, therapists, etc who had a big hand in your procedure and recovery. They rarely get appreciated the way doctors do. A card or a little Thank You Ornament can be enjoyed by everyone, but also a batch of homemade cookies can be placed in a coffee room or break area.

What are unique graduation gifts for doctors?

The best graduation gifts for doctors are useful items, touching keepsakes, or funny gag gifts to celebrate a med student finally getting his or her diploma.

  • Useful Items: It costs a med student an arm and a leg to attend med school, so now that he or she is finally graduated there is probably not much budget left to buy doctor’s equipment. That is why a Littman Stethoscope, a Fitted Doctor’s Coat, or a Doctor’s Briefcase are highly appreciated graduation gifts for doctors.
  • Touching Keepsakes: Graduating from med school is an emotional moment for any student. It cost him or her blood, sweat, and tears to pass all those exams. That is why a touching medical-themed keepsake will be treasured for years to come. Our favorites include this Personalized Doctor Gift Pen, this Oath Of Hippocrates Statue, this Personalized Coat Hanger, or this Stethoscope Pendant Necklace.
  • Funny Gag Gifts: Now that all the stress is gone, some hilarious gag graduation gifts are in order. Our favorite is probably this hysterical STD Plush Gift Box. However, this Funny Keychain seems to be a big hit with graduating female doctors, while their male counterparts usually love this set of Doctor-Themed Cufflinks. Finally, you might want to give a new doctor this Luxury Sleeping Pillow as a graduation gift. Why? Because he or she will probably not have a proper night of sleep during the first years of residency.

What are great retirement gifts for doctors?

The best retirement gifts for doctors are touching keepsakes that mark the end of a long career dedicated to helping other people. Funny gag gifts are also appreciated, as long as they make up only a small portion of the received gifts.

Lovely keepsakes that you can gift a retiring doctor are, for example, this Personalized Decanter Set or this touching Thank You Poem.

When it comes to gag gifts, big hits during doctor retirement parties are this Personalized Doctor Bobblehead and this Funny Doctor Mug.

What are good Christmas gifts for doctors?

The best Christmas gifts for doctors are either useful items they can use during their job, or medical-themed gifts or personal items.

What are the best gifts for a doctor’s office?

The best gifts for a doctor’s office are medical-themed pieces of art, decorative ornaments, or interesting books. However, doctors will also enjoy placing more humorous items around the office.

  • Medical Art: Our absolute favorite, although a bit expensive, is this beautiful Canvas Trio. Cheaper alternatives are this Brain Art Frame or this set of Vintage Anatomy Posters.
  • Decorative ornaments: Any doctor will love displaying a reference to the Hippocrates Oath in his office. He can easily place this little Statue on his desk or hang this Ancient Plaque on the wall. We also very much like this cute Eyeglass Holder.
  • Books: There isn’t a doctor’s office out there that doesn’t have a shelf filled with books. That is why a doctor will always appreciate a new addition to the collection. Absolute must-reads for anyone in the medical field are The Sick Rose by Richard Barnett and The Art Of Diagnosis by Lisa Sanders. Alternatively, you can also gift an original set of Brain Bookends.
  • Humorous Items: more witty doctor’s office gifts are this Dr. Mario Figurine or this Personalized Doctor Bobblehead.

Looking For More Gifts Ideas For Doctors?

We hope you find this list of best gifts for doctors to use, and you are now set to surprise the physician in your life with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below.

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