20 Unique Father’s Day Gifts From Daughter

A relationship between a father and a daughter will always be special.

This father’s day, are you looking for something special to celebrate your unique bond?

But you have no clue where to start looking for more unique father’s day gifts?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We scoured the internet, selected the 20 very best ones, and ranked them in our ultimate list of unique father’s day gifts from daughters.

Get those tissues out, cause these gifts will make both of you shed a tear!

Unique Fathers Day Gifts From Daughter

In this article you will find:

20. Father & Daughter Painting

Father Daughter Painting

We start this list of unique father’s day gifts from daughters with an item that immortalizes the bond between a dad and his little girl.

Based on a photograph you provide, a perfect oil or water-based painting will be created.

This masterpiece is bound to become the new focal point in the study or living room.

19. Dad’s Lucky Lure

Dads Lucky Fishing Lure

Next, we have the perfect gift for dads who love fishing.

Thanks to this unique fishing lure, he is sure to have extra luck catching those fish.

With this unique father’s day gift from his daughter, he will be able to combine his greatest love and his favorite hobby.

18. Dad Slippers

Papa Bear Slippers

We can’t have a list of father’s day gifts from a daughter without the all-time classic, slippers.

This unique pair of slippers are embroidered with the words “papa bear”.

They are constructed in a soft fur material, with cushioned sole and tartan print fur lining for maximum comfort and wear.

17. Love Knows No Distance Mug

Love Between Father Daughter Mug

The love between a father and his daughter knows no distance.

And with this unique father’s day gift, he will be reminded of this fact every day.

The mug is printed with a custom map showing you and your dad’s location, and completed with a loving message.

16. #1 Dad Key Chain

Nr1 Dad Key Chain Locket

Sometimes, the smallest of gestures can mean the most to a man.

With this unique key chain, he will be reminded that his little girl loves him, and he can take his most cherished photos of you everywhere he goes.

This is probably not one of our most bombastic father’s day gifts from our daughter, but definitely one of the most meaningful ones.

15. Personalized Whiskey Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Give his personal study a little bit of a daughter’s touch with this unique Father’s Day gift.

A whiskey decanter set already looks very distinguished by itself, but your dad will absolutely love this personalized version.

Add his name or both of your names in a very stylish way to create a one-of-a-kind set.

14. Couldn’t Pick A Better Dad

I Couldnt Pick A Better Dad Guitar Pick

Does your dad play guitar? Then you’ve just found his new favorite pick.

Engraved with a fitting and touching pun, this unique guitar pick is one of our favorite music-related father’s day gifts from a daughter.

It comes presented in a very cute gift box.

13. Personalized Star Of Fame

Personalized Star Of Fame

A father will always be a woman’s first love and greatest star.

So this father’s day, why don’t you give him a unique award to commemorate his stardom?

You can personalize this replica star of fame with his name as well as a touching message.

12. You Are My Rock

You Are My Rock Dad

Next on our list of unique father’s day gifts from our daughter, we have a touching visualization of a general truth.

Life will always throw curveballs at you. But during those tough times, dad will always be there for you.

He can use this meaningful gift as a paperweight or a standalone decorative item. Either way, he’ll love it!

11. Brew Dad & Daughter

Brew Dad Matching T Shirt And Bodysuit

For the moms looking for a cute first-time father’s day gift, we present this adorable matching outfit.

The world will be able to see that this beer-loving father and his newborn baby girl are two chips of the same block.

We hear you thinking, “too bad they don’t have this for grown daughters as well,” and we fully agree!

10. Thanks For Building My life

Thanks For Building My Life Key Chain

Some of the best and most touching Father’s Day gifts from daughters are those that thank your dad for everything that he’s done for you.

This cute little keychain might be small, but it holds a huge significance.

An original father’s day gift that is bound to mean the world to him.

9. Far Away Sign Post

Far Away Signpost Uncomp 1

For a father, a daughter leaving for college is a very emotional moment.

On the one hand, he couldn’t be more proud, but on the other, it breaks his heart that his little girl will be moving far away.

With this unique father’s day gift from his daughter, he will have a constant reminder of you in his backyard.

8. Engraved Cufflinks

Dad Cufflinks

For those of you who want to go a bit chicer, we present these lovely engraved cufflinks.

Choose from a wide variety of models & materials, and add a simple or more intricate personal message.

Whether he’s off to work or to some event, a father will never leave the house without the unique cufflinks he received as a father’s day gift from his daughter.

7. My Life Story So Far

My Life Story So Far Journal

Inspire your dad to create a lasting family keepsake that will be treasured for generations.

This unique father’s day gift is organized in nine sections, provoking your dad you write down his memories of first dates, lifelong friendships, meaningful stories, and pearls of wisdom gathered along the way.

And maybe one day, a father will gift his completed journal back to his daughter.

6. Daughter’s First Love Canvas

A Father Is His Daughters First Love Canvas

We already said it several times in this article: a father is his daughter’s, first love.

This next unique father’s day gift immortalizes that simple truth on a beautiful canvas.

You can choose from several stylish designs and personalize them with your name.

5. Funny T-Shirt

Funny Fathers Day Tshirt

Any decent list of father’s day gifts from a daughter should include at least one funny T-shirt.

And for our top 20, we have chosen this absolutely hilarious item.

There is nothing wrong with telling your dad you love him while making fun of him at the same time.

4. You Are My World

You Are My World Canvas

A beautiful sentiment felt by any father gets a world-class presentation with this artistic canvas.

Illuminated by LED lights, and personalized with your own inscription, this unique father’s day gift will be treasured by any dad.

The lighting is operated by a nifty remote which is part of the package.

3. Luxury Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch Tissot

For those daughters looking to surprise their dad with a luxurious and unique father’s day gift, we recommend this classic yet stylish pocket watch.

This high-end Tissot is a super premium version of an all-time classic dad gift.

Pro tip: the one thing that could make this father’s day gift even more unique is a personal inscription from his daughter.

2. What I Love About Dad

What I Love About Dad

OK, get ready to get those tissues out, because the next one is a doozy.

This hardcover book contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe why your pops are tops.

This simple book containing the heartfelt words of his daughter will be one of the father’s day gifts your dad will cherish for the rest of his life.

1. My Compass In Life

Engraved Compass

At the very top of our list of unique father’s day gifts from a daughter, we find this beautiful symbol of the relationship between a dad and his daughter.

Made by craftsmen from rosewood and engraved with a personal message, this compass is bound to make him shed a tear.

In short, the perfect gift for your one true north…your dad.

How do I choose the right father’s day gifts as a daughter?

The best father’s day gifts from a daughter are those that thank your dad for everything that he’s done for you, and this is symbolized by a unique and personal item.

Here are some extra tips to get it right:

  • Think back to your most cherished memories together. Whether good or bad, find an item that shows how important your dad was during those moments and how he will always be your rock and compass in this world.
  • You can also look for items that relate to his hobbies or passions. A great example is this Personalized Fishing Lure. He would never go on a fishing trip without it!
  • Add a personal message or engraving. Together with symbolic items such as this rock or this compass, you can create a truly meaningful and unique father’s day gift.
  • Finally, even if your dad is a hardass who doesn’t regularly show his feelings, don’t be afraid of giving him more emotional and meaningful father’s day gifts. Deep down, he will absolutely love them as they show him his little girl still sees him as her hero.

What are funny father’s day gifts from your daughter?

You are really not looking for more sentimental gifts, and you just want to crack your old man up?

No worries, we actually created a separate top 30 list of funny father’s day gifts. Here you’ll find everything from classic dad joke items to hilarious father’s day gadgets.

What are some good Father’s Day gifts for first-time dads?

Perhaps you are looking for a father’s day gift for a man who just became a father to a little girl?

In the above list, we already covered the super-cute matching brew dad outfits.

However, you will also want to check out this list of top gifts for first-time dads for more useful or funny gift ideas.

Looking for More Unique Father’s Day Gifts From Daughter?

I hope you find our ultimate list of unique father’s day gifts from daughters useful, and you are now set to surprise your daddy with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. If you would like to subscribe to our gift reminder mailing list, you can click the button, or if you just like to see more gift ideas for him just click that button.

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