35+ Best Gifts For People With Dementia To Warm Their Heart (2020)

Living with someone with dementia can be tough but there are ways to make their life easier.

There are many brilliant gifts for dementia that can help them during these difficult times.

Some of these dementia gifts are sweet, some are funny and there are plenty that are going to be able to help with their memory. We’ve come up with the 35 best gifts for dementia patients in 2020.

This list will give you a great idea of what dementia gifts to get whether you are just getting one or several of them. Let’s get started.

Infographic top 35 best gifts for people with dementia

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By: Jess, Updated 03/14/2020

#36 best gifts for people with dementia: patient day clock


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As your memory escapes you, knowing what day of the week it is can be a struggle, let alone knowing the time.

The clock is perfect as it gradually ticks its way through each day. It’s very easy to use and available in three different colors, which are all very elegant.

It’s an elegant clock and a brilliant first gift idea on this list of best gifts for people with dementia in 2020.

#35 best gifts for people with dementia: smart digital photo frame


18783 7004 8.1

Digital photo frames have been around for a while but this one can instantly upload pictures via e-mail or an app.

It allows a constant flow of special pictures, making it one of the best gifts for dementia.

There are a few different buying options available and they are all brilliant gifts for dementia sufferers.

#34 best gifts for people with dementia: memories matter bracelet


18343 6625 8.1

This bracelet has been specifically made to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s and would be a touching gift.

There are matching sets available which would be even more perfect. They have a great level of quality as they are going to be able to sparkle on the wrist.

It’s beautifully presented and a fantastic gift for yourself or a loved one.

#33 best gifts for Jeep people with dementia: dementia puzzle


9436 3041 8.2

The humble jigsaw puzzle has long been one of the best reusable gifts for dementia sufferers that you can get.

This beautiful puzzle of Monet’s garden has 63 pieces which represent a good challenge for the elderly without being too difficult.

It also has conversation prompts which can be very useful. With its quality, it’s one of the best gifts for seniors with dementia.

#32 best gifts for people with dementia: auto medication dispenser


7692 2930 8.2

Medication can be troublesome for dementia patients as they have to remember what they have taken and when.

Hero stores a month’s worth of medication that can all be controlled via their app.

Once ready, the medication can then be dispensed. It’s a foolproof method of making sure they take the right medication at the right time.

#31 best gifts for people with dementia: painter's kit


6756 1034 8.3

Painting has long been a brilliant way to be able to stimulate the mind.

All you need for this is water and once you paint it onto the canvas, the colors will magically appear.

They are reusable and a way to keep their mind active time and time again. It’s been specifically designed as one of the best gifts for dementia patients.

#30 best gifts for people with dementia: nurture watch


2242 844 8.3

This smartwatch is going to give you peace of mind. It has fall detection to alert you to any potential dangers.

To add to that it also has a medication reminder, an SOS button, GPS tracking and also a heart rate monitor.

It’ll prevent you from having that guilt about leaving them on their own as you know if they’re okay.

#29 best gifts for people with dementia: lock station


1699 437 8.3

This station is brilliant at being able to keep minds active.

With its numerous different types of locks, it’s able to reinforce hand control while also keeping up finger dexterity and muscle strength.

When you’re with them you can hide things behind the doors to help with their memory. It’s beautifully crafted and one of the best gifts for dementia.

#28 best gifts for people with dementia: easy adaptive clothing


17495 8506 8.4

Not being able to dress yourself can be very upsetting for someone who has dementia.

To counteract that, Silverts have a wide range of easy dressing clothing and footwear.

There are plenty of stylish options and it will be able to make the process a lot easier. It’ll allow them to keep some of that independence.

#27 best gifts for people with dementia: camera & 2-way audio


14121 3847 8.4

It can be stressful trying to keep an eye on someone who has dementia.

Having a wireless camera can give them more independence while also allowing you to keep a close eye on them.

It’s a high-quality camera which is very easy to use. As well as quality, it also has sound detection and motion tracking.

#26 best gifts for people with dementia: activity pad


9250 2089 8.5

Here we see another gift that is going to be perfect for busy elderly hands.

There are 13 different activities that will be ideal in acting as a memory aid. It’s able to engage the brain for hours on end with an assortment of different fabrics and textures.

It’s easy to use and they are sure to love it.

#25 best gifts for people with dementia: stylish weighted blanket


6505 2377 8.5

Many people love to feel the weight of a blanket or duvet when they are trying to sleep.

The problem can often be that weight means more insulation and therefore overheating very quickly.

Instead, this blanket isn’t too thick and will allow them to relax more deeply while also having the sensation of being cuddled.

#24 best gifts for people with dementia: fall prevention mat


1201 394 8.5

Giving care can be difficult and it’s impossible to be alert to every danger 24/7.

This mat is wonderful as it will send you an alert when they are getting out of bed or leaving a room. It works as excellent fall protection and has a good level of adjustability.

That mat is also anti-slip to give you plenty of protection.

#23 best gifts for people with dementia: big button TV remote


5475 1941 8.6

It seems as though you need a degree to work out how to use modern TV remotes.

This can turn into a nightmare for those who are struggling with their memory.

This universal big button TV remote helps to solve that issue by making the remote control as simple as possible with an on/off button, mute, volume and channel controls.

#22 best gifts for people with dementia: alzheimer's coloring book


1566 333 8.6

Adult coloring books have become very popular but they can be particularly good for those who suffer from dementia.

It allows them to complete a task where it doesn’t matter if they lose focus.

Along with the coloring, there are also tips about exercise, social connections and sleep among others, making it extremely useful.

#21 best gifs for people with dementia: picture phone


5882 2010 8.6

Not being able to make calls would be incredibly frustrating for any sufferer of dementia.

This phone has programmable memory dialing with 10 pictures available.

It negates the need for remembering numbers and is one of the best gifts for dementia as they’ll still be able to make their calls after you’ve set it up for them.

#20 best gifts for people with dementia: personalized story greeting card


7007 2342 8.7

If you’re looking for a unique gift, this would be perfect. You’re able to get a hand-drawn storybook of any type of story that you want. Postcards are also available.

It’s a truly wonderful way of telling a story and it’s one of the best gifts for dementia patients as they’ll be able to look back on this story with fondness.

The stories are beautiful and well-drawn.

#19 best gifts for people with dementia: fidget toy


8043 3678 8.7

Dementia sufferers often have busy hands but aren’t able to focus on being able to complete a full task.

It’s why this fidget toy is great as you’ll be able to play with it for hours. It allows them to be creative without worrying about completing a whole task.

The fidget toy acts as a perfect distraction and they’ll keep going back to it.

#18 best gifts for people with dementia: personalized visitor's log


10293 4554 8.7

While this guest book was made with the liked of birthdays and weddings in mind, it also makes one of the best gifts for dementia.

That’s because it’s a great way of keeping track of who visited the person suffering from dementia and what they did.

These details are great to be able to reference and help to jog the memory when required.

#17 best gifts for people with dementia: extra large clock


15694 5816 8.7

American Lifetime has been able to make a brilliant large clock which is very easy to read.

As well as having a great design, you can also set up to 5 daily alarms. This is ideal for those who many forget to take their medication.

The clear high-resolution display will enable a dementia sufferer to have constant time reference.

#16 best gifts for people with dementia: support bear


11014 4009 8.8

Similar to the puppy we’ll see next, this bear is a great way to bring joy to a dementia sufferer.

It’s perfect for exercising hands, stimulating the brain and also relieving boredom.

It’s a sweet gift for dementia and is the perfect size for a cuddle. There are some great accessories with it too and your loved one is going to quickly love it.

#15 best gifts for people with dementia: robo companion pet


1032 739 8.8

Here we see one of the best gifts for dementia, especially to those who have had to give up looking after a dog.

This isn’t just a glorified kid’s toy, it can respond to your voice and acts just like a real puppy.

It, of course, can’t be a replacement for the real thing but it can help to ease the pain and bring them a little piece of joy.

#14 best gifts for people with dementia: plug-in heater


8111 5491 8.8

If you feel as though your loved one is going to need some extra heating then this is going to be perfect.

It’s very easy and safe to use with a digital display and large buttons. It’s highly effective and is compact enough to be taken anywhere they need it.

There is also an automatic timer, allowing them to always have that comfort level.

#13 best gifts for people with dementia: calming oil diffuser


5006 3022 8.8

Essential oils are great for a wide variety of different reasons. This would make an excellent gift.

It looks great and is available in either black or white. It’ll help to promote feelings of calm at what can be a stressful time.

It has the added benefit of being energy efficient, safe to use and has an impressive runtime.

#12 best gifts for people with dementia: chanasya positive energy blanket


2161 1004 8.8

Getting your loved one a plush blanket is going to be a lovely gift that will give them warmth when they need it.

A lovely aspect of this blanket is that it has positive words all around it. It’s machine washable and available in a wide range of different colors.

It’s a touching dementia gift and one they’ll appreciate.

#11 best gifts for people with dementia: active minds animal bingo


5222 1920 8.9

Just because someone has dementia it doesn’t mean that you can no longer have fun.

If they loved bingo, however, recognizing and matching numbers can become very challenging.

Instead, this game uses the bingo concept, but with authentic animal sounds and images. It makes it much easier for them to play long and the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

#10 best gifts for people with dementia: memories photo album


8119 2054 8.9

As photos are a special way of recalling memories, this album is one of the most heart-warming gifts for someone with dementia.

What makes this special is that is has a ‘memo’ space next to each picture where you can clearly label them with names, relationships, locations, dates and also any memories that may be associated with the picture.

#9 best gifts for people with dementia: anti-headache gadget


4176 1231 9.0

As with the Kailo product this a brilliant drug-free way to get rid of pain, specifically with headaches.

It’s one of the best gifts for dementia patients who have regular headaches.

It works by applying pressure to one of the body’s pressure points. It’s going to last forever, can be taken anywhere and also is available in a range of colors.

#8 best gifts for people with dementia: kailo pain patch


7491 1570 9.0

Pain is simply the result of electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

Kailo has been able to make a patch that works by disrupting these signals and blocking them from being sent to your brain. It works anywhere on the body.

It’s one of the best gifts for seniors with dementia who can’t be trusted to take regular painkillers.

#7 best gifts for people with dementia: simple favorite music player


4017 495 9.1

People with Alzheimer’s often “regress” in what they remember. Try getting them something from when they were young.

Did you know music can have a profound impact on people with dementia?

Make compilations of music that was popular when they were in their late teens to early thirties.

#6 best gifts for people with dementia: one button radio


2823 997 9.1

This one button radio one of our favorite gifts for someone with dementia.

You’re able to set the radio to their preferred station and volume and once you do, the rest can simply be controlled by one large on/off button.

It simplifies the process, making it one of the ideal gifts for Alzheimer’s patients in nursing homes as they won’t have to fiddle with controls.

#5 best gifts for people with dementia: sleeping aid


9561 3404 9.2

Good sleep is important and waking up in the middle of the night is often scary for those with dementia.

The Dodow light has been designed to quieten any busy mind. It’s a brilliant way to lull someone into a deep sleep and allow them to have the type of peace that they often miss.

The light is easy to use and a great gift for dementia.

#4 best gifts for people with dementia: cool jams pajamas


18734 8497 9.3

A good night of sleep can help to prevent cognitive decline and you want to ensure that a dementia sufferer is going to be as comfortable as possible.

Having a brilliant set of high-quality pajamas can help them sleep soundly throughout the night.

The moisture-wicking PJ’s will keep them cool and dry throughout the night.

#3 best gifts for people with dementia: duck fementia shirt


21304 10934 9.3

In those darker times, humor can be important to put a rare smile on the face.

This t-shirt gives a wonderful play on words. It’s a great gift for dementia patients but you may also decide to get one yourself.

They’re not only available in many different sizes but a few different color options are available too.

#2 best gifts for people with dementia: story of a lifetime


29306 12585 9.4

One of the best gifts for Alzheimer’s patients is to get a keepsake of their memoirs.

It allows them to share memories which can be a wonderful way to connect during the better periods.

In those more difficult times, the book can act as a great reminder for their most special times and help with their memory.

#1 best gifts for people with dementia: GPS tracker


44596 17752 9.5

This beautiful little tag can be used to find lost items or to know where the dementia patient is at all times.

You can easily attach it to any valuable items or on a coat zip, for example.

It all connects up to an app that will ensure that nothing ever gets lost. It allows you to be a lot less paranoid about your loved one getting lost or losing their items.

What are great gifts for Alzheimer’s patients in nursing homes?


If you have a loved one in a nursing home then you’ll want to make sure they are as happy and comfortable as possible.

One great way to do that is with the One Button Radio as this makes them listening to their favorite station very easily.

On a similar theme, the Simple Favorite Music Player is another great way for them to enjoy music.

As we mentioned, comfort is very important and there’s no better way to do that than with the Chanasya Positive Energy Blanket which will keep them happy and warm.

Another brilliant idea for a nursing home is to have a Personalized Visitor’s Log where memories of the visits can be stored so they can reference them.

What are the best Christmas gifts for Alzheimer’s patients?


You want to make any Christmas special and one way to do that is with the Story Of A Lifetime book which will be full of amazing family memories.

Another unique way to store memories is with the Personalized Greeting Card where you can get your life event put into character form.

There are also some other great gifts that are going to be able to keep them active. One of them is the Lock Station Memory Toy which is beautifully made.

Another great Christmas idea is the Dementia Patient Painter’s Kit for anyone who loved painting in their spare time but doesn’t have the functionality to be able to do it as they once could.

What is the perfect mother’s day gifts for dementia patients?


Mother’s day should always be celebrated and that’s no different when they have dementia.

PJ’s are always a great mother’s gift and the Cool Jams Pajamas would be warmly accepted.

There are a couple of touching gifts around photos with the Memories Photo Album being a wonderful project for you to complete but for updating recent pictures, the Smart Digital Photo Frame would make their mother’s day very special.

It’s great to have fun on mother’s day and the Dementia Patients Puzzle is another great present.

Thankfully with this list, there are many great dementia gifts to choose from.

Looking For More Gift Ideas For Dementia Patients?

We hope you find this list of best gifts for people with dementia useful, and you are now set to surprise a loved one with the perfect present! If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below. Also, check out our listicles on gifts for elderly women & gifts for people with anxiety.


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