PhotoStick Reviews – The Best Photo Backup Device of 2023

In the age of smartphones, digital cameras, and constant content creation, we often find ourselves swamped with abundant digital media. These precious memories and critical files require proper storage and backup to ensure they are safe for the long term. This is where The Photo Stick comes into play, offering a simple and efficient solution to a widespread problem.

Photostick Review

What is The Photo Stick?

The Photo Stick is a unique device that looks like an ordinary flash drive but is far more advanced. While we have come a long way from needing to carry cameras to capture every moment, the reality of losing digital data due to various reasons still plagues many.

A staggering 40% of people have experienced some hard drive failure, often losing valuable memories and important files. The Photo Stick is designed to mitigate this risk, automatically scanning for different file types, including hidden images in folders that may not be immediately apparent.

Specifications of The Photo Stick

ModelStorage CapacityEstimated Photo CapacityCompatible OSDuplicate RemovalSupported Formats
The Photo Stick 88 GBUp to 3,500 photosWindows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP; Mac 10.6+YesJPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PCT, ICO, BMP, etc.
The Photo Stick 6464 GBUp to 30,000 photosWindows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP; Mac 10.6+YesJPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PCT, ICO, BMP, etc.
The Photo Stick 128128 GBUp to 60,000 photosWindows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP; Mac 10.6+YesJPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PCT, ICO, BMP, etc.

How Does The Photo Stick Work?

Using The Photo Stick is as simple as using any other USB flash drive. Follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Plug it In Locate an available USB port on your computer and plug in The Photo Stick.
  2. Wait for Identification: Wait for your computer to identify the device.
  3. Start the Scan: Click the green “Go” button to initiate the scan.

It usually takes around 60 seconds to finish scanning your computer, automatically finding and copying all video or image files to the stick.

An impressive feature of The Photo Stick is its ability to detect and remove duplicate files, ensuring that no unnecessary space is consumed.

Compatibility and Versatility

Where Can You Use It?

The Photo Stick is highly versatile. Whether for a work project, a group assignment at school, or personal use, it can be your go-to storage solution. It’s compatible with Windows versions (7, 8, 10, Vista, XP) and Mac with an operating system of 10.6 or higher.


Many users have commended the performance of The Photo Stick. Its ability to quickly scan and save many photos and videos, even from hidden folders, is highly efficient. However, opting for the 64 or 128GB version is advisable if you have several years’ worth of photos.

Extensions Compatible with The Photo Stick

The Photo Stick works with many file extensions, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PCT, ICO, BMP, AVI, RAW, MOV, WMV, MPEG4, etc.

Cloud Backup

For tech-savvy individuals, cloud backups might be a convenient option, but The Photo Stick offers privacy and security that cloud services can’t always guarantee. It stores all your files directly on the stick, not relying on external servers, and doesn’t require a subscription.

Additional Products

The Photo Stick Mobile

Beyond the traditional Photo Stick, the makers also offer The Photo Stick Mobile, explicitly designed for smartphones. With an extra end that fits into a phone, it can back up thousands of pictures and is available for Android and iPhones.

The Photo Stick Plus

This external complex drive-like device offers up to one terabyte of storage and can hold up to 100,000 photos or other large files.

Purchase and Money-Back Guarantee

The best place to buy The Photo Stick is from the official website, ensuring you get the best price and access to special deals.

The manufacturers also offer a money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

Pros and Cons


  1. User-Friendly: Easy to use, even for those with basic computer knowledge.
  2. Compatibility: Works with nearly every computer.
  3. Broad Format Support: Recognizes most photo and video formats.
  4. Automatic Scanning: Scans and saves your files automatically.
  5. Storage Space: Offers different storage options to suit your needs.
  6. Supports Photos and Videos: It is not limited to just photos; it can also store video files.
  7. Affordable: Available at a reasonable price with discounts on the official site.


  1. Lack of Instructions: Some users might need more guidance with customizing features.

Pricing for The Photo Stick Models

ModelPriceMulti-buy Discount
The Photo Stick 8Around $40Up to 40% off
The Photo Stick 64Around $50Up to 40% off
The Photo Stick 128Around $80Up to 40% off

Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

The Photo Stick is undoubtedly a valuable tool for anyone who wants to secure their digital memories and important files. Its user-friendly design, compatibility, automatic scanning, and affordable pricing offer a comprehensive data storage and backup solution.

While it might have some minor drawbacks, such as the lack of detailed instructions, the overall

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